The Art and Science of how to Bid on Google Adwords

Bidding is one of the most fundamental concepts in paid search marketing, yet search marketers and clients need to know important facts. Like: how much should I pay per click, should I focus on ad position, should I purchase software or use Google’s conversion optimizer? Many tools and software options focus on the math, predictive statistical […]

New Risk-Free Online Marketing in 2012

The biggest question everyone has before buying something or paying someone is: “is it worth my money”? The same holds true for online marketing services: with so many companies saying the “right things” it is very difficult to separate the sweet-talkers from the professionals, and ultimately to hire a search marketing agency or consultant. In the last three years that […]

Online Marketing Results are Relative – Don’t Cheat Yourself

“Results are relative” – don’t cheat yourself If your client came with a product/service from your competition you could easily tell if it was good or not. However, when you move outside your realm of expertise it’s much harder to differentiate between qualities because you are not as “in” that market. Often I find prospective […]

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