New Risk-Free Online Marketing in 2012

New Risk-Free Online Marketing in 2012

The biggest question everyone has before buying something or paying someone is: “is it worth my money”?

The same holds true for online marketing services: with so many companies saying the “right things” it is very difficult to separate the sweet-talkers from the professionals, and ultimately to hire a search marketing agency or consultant.

In the last three years that market has been getting very competitive and it is becoming more clear that if you don’t advertise online you are losing customers, and so you are losing money. This is why so many new online marketing companies and agencies are starting up every week, cold calling, hiring like crazy and just shooting on all cannons.

When I speak with clients it is clear that they “heard it all”, and those who had already tried say they “wasted their money” with online marketing and lost trust in the professionals in the industry. I began to wonder how I can help rebuild that trust and help clients succeed marketing their business online while not taking all the risk.

When I ask a client to invest $1,000 in Google, its because I genuinely believe that they will get a benefit much greater than $1,000 by doing so – its in their best interest. My new year’s resolution is to take that big step and take part of the risk off a client’s shoulders. We are offering to work on your Google Adwords account for one month with no money down, and only if you are satisfied with the results you can choose to pay for that month and continue working with us, it’s that simple.

Many would call us crazy for taking such a risk with “working for free”, but we are confident with our work and the results we can get clients with online marketing. And if we were wrong, and the client is not happy and doesn’t pay – I will actually be glad we didn’t take a dollar from an unsatisfied customer.

This new idea is not to work with companies who are looking to get a free month of work, but it is for clients to know that we are a partner who is invested in their best interest (our company’s mission). This is the best way I found to do this so far: “take us for a test drive, and if your happy let’s build your business online together”.

So, for all of you who are wondering if you should try marketing your website online, this is your chance. I don’t know how long I will be able to hold this promotion up (limited by our work capacity) but contact us now to learn more and get started.

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