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Lior Krolewicz

How am I different?

As an Adwords consultant, I find and manage the right keywords for your business to be profitable. My strategy for your online business success comes from years of treating every client’s business like my own. Whether you’re a multi-national corporate clients, a mom-and-pop shop, or a start-up working hard to turn a profit, our services will be effective for you.

  • I can help transform your business and super-charge its growth
  • I guarantee my work
  • I've worked with businesses just like yours, with your industry too
  • I don’t bring meaningless traffic, but quality leads that convert
  • Increased conversion rates, better leads, higher profits

Testimonials and recommendations

  • Brad Lunt

    Brad Lunt

    Online Entrepreneur

    I searched around for a PPC company and glad I came across Yael. The terms he has set are unlike any other. He truly puts me and my company first and my failure is his failure just as we both share success. Great communication, I shoot him daily emails and talk over phone bi-weekly. Now we just need more sales 😉

  • Joe Garcia

    Joe Garcia

    Owner at Grunts Move Junk

    I have been working with Lior, Yael Consulting, for about a year now. I had recently been working with another “marketing” company where I spent $1,000 on Google Ads and made $99.00 ROI. So needless to say, I was hesitant with another “marketing” company… my business was STRUGGLING! I nearly contemplated closing down; I was drowning! Lior saved my business, truly turned it around and QUICKLY made me profitable. We began investing more in AdWords because we seen how much it was producing us. His service is second to none! Don’t hesitate to give this company a try. You WILL NOT be disappointed at all!!!!

  • Shannon Sofield

    Shannon Sofield

    Founder at PayLoadz

    I’ve been working with Lior in getting an extremely complicated AdWords account that has existed for ten years in order; he has done a miraculous job in that task. I found Lior on the site Quora, where he has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable experts in Pay Per Click advertising. I myself am Google AdWords certified, so I am pretty experienced in managing placements, but have found that Lior’s placements have outperformed my own by orders of magnitude. He has been very responsive and available when needed and has addressed all concerns I have fielded. I wholeheartedly endure Lior for any AdWords Pay Per Click project.

  • Suresh Dakshina

    Suresh Dakshina

    Marketing & Sales Expert * Entrepreneur

    I have the pleasure of working with Lior. He manages all our ad word accounts. Very talented guy. He is persistent and gets the work done. We fired 3 adword companies in the past. Companies who manage ad word accounts have limited knowledge about PPC. But Lior was different. He took our account to the next level. We are glad to partner with him. We value his experience, insights and the associations he brought for our business expansion. Highly recommend him.

  • Srii Srinivasan

    Srii Srinivasan

    High Risk Payments Professional

    Lior is a true professional and entrepreneur. He took over our PPC accounts and improved our ROI over time. He understands the nature of our business and has in-depth knowledge and experience of the SEM industry. As a business owner, I understand how important it is to have a smart, trustworthy and experienced team to expand our business and I’m glad to have Lior as part of our team. I enjoy working with him and highly recommend Lior.

  • Sathee Brent

    Sathee Brent

    Vice President of Marketing at Iconixx

    Lior is an exceptional resource for digital demand generation marketing. His deep expertise in this area coupled with his determination to provide client satisfaction and success makes him a rare find in this industry. He is a valuable part of my team.

  • Craig Romero

    Craig Romero

    Co-founder / CEO at OZNaturals

    Lior developed and managed our PPC marketing campaigns, we were able to realize a significant increase in traffic and sales conversions as high as 28%. Lior is certainly a leader in his field and and possess a profit driving knowledge of SEM campaign creating and management. He’s also an extremely trustworthy professional who’s main focus is client satisfaction. I would highly recommend working with Lior.

  • Monifa Martin

    Monifa Martin

    Search Marketing and Web Analytics Specialist at Isagenix

    I enjoyed working with Lior! He maintains solid relationships with industry experts and proposed unique opportunities to optimize our landing pages and GA strategies. I recommend Yael Consulting for individuals/companies seeking assistance with managing PPC campaigns and webpage optimization!

  • Ngozi Ogbonna

    Ngozi Ogbonna


    Lior is as experienced and knowledgeable of the Google SEM/Adwords platform as they come. He was always communicative of his tactics and strategies, was very responsive and offered astute recommendations to our team, which have since been implemented. He is a pleasure to work with and I recommend his services.

  • Chris Hanson

    Chris Hanson

    VP of Engineering at HauteLook

    In addition to being enjoyable to work with, Lior is sharp and detail-oriented. He is a true critical thinker, and his analytic mind has helped us to solve several elusive technical issues.

  • Kevin Diamond

    Kevin Diamond

    Chief Technology Officer at HauteLook

    Lior was a vital resource at HauteLook… As our Search Marketing Manager he optimized our spending and helped grow the member base to astonishing new levels. We owe a lot to Lior’s assistance for the success we achieve today.

  • Cole Higgins

    Cole Higgins

    Previsualization at Lucasfilm Animation

    Lior’s character is based on strong values, solid work ethic, honesty and confidence. He is an entrepreneur that produces results and he is a problem solver.

  • George Munas

    George Munas

    Exec at Cisco Systems

    Lior is highly organized, driven to achieve and succeed. He has great business acumen/instincts and is a delight at work… Strives for Excellence, and continuously seeks Improvement.

  • Rick Egan

    Rick Egan

    VP, Group Accounts TSA

    Lior was my lead SEM manager on several large complex client engagements. His ability to meet and exceed client goals was excellent and he always went the extra mile for his clients and colleagues while treating each client’s business as if it was his own.

  • Adrian Maharaj

    Adrian Maharaj

    Vice President of Client Services at Onavo

    Lior stands out from the rest of the crowd. In a highly competitive landscape, he provides a unique, competent and comprehensive strategy for his clients… You’re in great hands if you’re working with Lior!

  • Leonard Herman

    Leonard Herman

    Digital Media Professional

    Lior’s impact on client performance was tangible immediately. He is knowledgeable on all platforms, campaign optimization as well as bringing a larger strategic vision.

  • Silvia Anghel

    Silvia Anghel

    VBA developer at The Search Agency

    On top of being a whiz with data and spreadsheets Lior is also a people person, with an impressive facility of talking to people and successfully interacting with clients, which is a rare combination of skills, indeed.

  • Grace Kim

    Grace Kim

    Account Manager at Google

    Lior has a natural acumen for business and is skilled at discovering new opportunities in innovative ways. He understands how to grow a ROI-focused business, carefully balancing risk and efficiency… his genuine passion for online advertising is contagious.

  • Grant Simmons

    Grant Simmons

    Director, SEO and Social Product at The Search Agency

    Lior provided exceptional subject matter expertise in all facets of paid search… drove significant search traffic that exceeded acquisition goals, for our top tier internet retailers, in both volume and CPA targets.

  • Elena Lopez

    Elena Lopez

    Project Coordinator at The Search Agency

    From day one Lior proved to be an intelligent and dedicated manager and mentor. Lior is a great person to work with and he would be a great asset to any firm.

  • Bobby Rouse

    Bobby Rouse

    Chief Financial Officer at Ageless Men's Health

    Lior organized our Google AdWords advertising to improve our… results while simplifying management of the account.

  • Micah Wolf

    Micah Wolf

    Owner at Blockplane Records LLC

    Lior has a deep understanding of running successful pay per click campaigns and he has proven to be really valuable part of our team!

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Grew membership from 700K to over 3MM within 12 months


Grew sales from $20K to over $500K in 30 days


28% sales increase with 0% increase in budget

Real Estate

Generated qualified leads resulting in over $700K investment within 6 months


Took new diamond jewelry website profitably from $0 to $2,000,000 in sales within 1 year


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