How Can I Get More Sales On My Online Store With AdWords?

How Can I Get More Sales On My Online Store With AdWords?

While it may seem complicated or even a long, complex process to get more sales on your online store with AdWords, now known as Google Ads, it is actually a simple process. To get more sales, you need to invest more and invest smarter in your campaigns. You should also invest time and money into optimize your website for better conversion rates.

How should you get started?


It’s important to first evaluate why you are not currently getting sales from traffic on your online store. Take some time to analyze what is working. Detail your average profits.


Next, begin to invest more. Again, analyze what is working and giving you better than average profits and then increase the bids for those keywords on your Google Ads campaigns.


Part of investing more, but more importantly, investing smarter is to focus on optimization. Consider the following strategies to get the most bang for your buck with Google Ads:

  • Structure Your Google Ads Account: Organization matters when it comes to creating campaigns. Make sure that your ad groups are logically organized so you can determine which keywords are gaining traffic and leading to sales within your online store.
  • Segment Your Keywords: Make sure that your keywords are not in competition with each other and that they are not garnering traffic from search terms that are not relevant to your products or services within your online store.
  • Spruce Up the Copy: Your content should not only be relevant to keywords, but it should also be captivating and inviting. Avoid using buzz words that consumers do not trust. Instead, tell a story, showcase the features and benefits of your products and services and slant the tone of the copy to appeal to your targeted audience.


You may be happy with the amount of traffic you’ve tracked to your website, but is this traffic converting into clicks or visitors who are actively buying? The problem may be related to your website’s optimization. If you’re not optimizing your website, you are likely not going to see traffic converting into buying customers. Consider the following strategies to improve your website’s optimization:

  • Utilize the Landing Page Experience Report on Google Ads to determine if your landing pages are converting. Conduct A-B testing periodically and monitor the results closely.
  • Utilize Ad Extensions: Ad extensions can serve as valuable real estate for your website. Therefore, utilize these extensions (up to four) across your Google Ads campaign.
  • Read the Reports: Google Ads provides you with valuable information that can help you to boost the sales on your online store. For example, you have the ability to produce reports to identify search terms people are typing on Google and determine the most appropriate keywords for your products and services. You also have access to a placement report that gives you insight about the individuals browsing and buying from your website.
  • Change Your Bids: When you notice that your traffic is not converting into sales or that your traffic is decreasing, consider making bid adjustments that allow you to show your ads more or less based on how, when and where individuals are searching for terms relevant to your products and services.


Many industries, especially the auto part industry, can be quite competitive. That’s why it’s crucial to understand that it may be difficult to ramp up online sales quickly. Analyze your progress as you invest more, invest smarter and optimize your website. Track the results to determine if the cost is worth it.


In some cases, it may be best to consult a Google Adwords consultant who knows how to navigate Google Ads and drive more traffic and revenue through Google Ads.

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