Paid Search: How To Create Your First AdWords Campaign

Paid Search: How To Create Your First AdWords Campaign

create-first-ad-campaign You’ve set up your AdWords account and you’re about to create your first AdWords search campaign. But before you start setting bids and budgets, take a few minutes and read through the following practical tips to make your first campaign a success and avoid some common mistakes.

1. Keyword Match Types Are Key
When it comes to your keywords, you should choose a keyword match type other than broad match. With broad keywords you will reach a wide audience but not necessarily the people who are really interested in your product or service. With exact match, your audience will be much smaller but more refined. The golden mean is phrase match with which your ads will show up for searches that contain a phrase. However, if you’re uncertain which keyword match type to use, you can start with broad match and adjust the match type later on.

2. Save Money With Negative Keywords
Negative keywords are just as important as using keyword match types for positive keywords. Negative keywords prevent your ads from showing up for searches that are not relevant to the product or service you’re offering. Negative keywords can reduce your advertising cost since your ads won’t be displayed for irrelevant terms. Running a search query report can provide you relevant negative keyword ideas.

3. Let The Testing Begin
When you start writing ad copy, make sure that you add at least two ads to each of your ad groups. Once that’s done, start testing. You should always test one element at a time. For example, when doing a headline test you would have a number of ads with the same description line one, description line two, display URL, and destination URL but with several different headlines. Once you’ve completed your headline test, start testing the remaining variables. Testing will help you find your best-performing ad. You should always be testing in order to constantly optimize your ads.

By following these tips you’re making sure to avoid some rookie mistakes. Of course, there is much more to consider but these best practices will give you a head start.

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