Google Merchant Center Best Practices

Google Merchant Center Best Practices

google-merchant-center-bps If you’re using Google Shopping campaigns, you’re already familiar with the Google Merchant Center and product data feeds. However, we have collected some best practices that can make your Shopping campaigns even more successful.

1. Keeping Your Product Feed Up To Date

Keeping your product feed up to date is probably one of the first problems you are facing after setting up your Shopping campaign. Keeping prices, availability, and product info current for thousands of items requires a sophisticated system. So instead of changing prices manually in a spreadsheet, think about installing special software that manages your product updates. An up-to-date product feed is extremely important since Google won’t display your ads if there are any discrepancies between your product data feed and your website.

2. Product Data Feed: Best Practices

As mentioned above, keeping your product data feed up to date and in line with your website is essential. But there are more things to consider in creating a data feed that will make for successful Shopping campaigns. Here are some useful tips and tricks:

Use keywords in your title and description. Google checks if your ad is relevant to a search with this data. You can, and should, also use negative keywords in your Shopping campaigns to eliminate traffic that is irrelevant to your products.

For advertisers who sell their products to different countries, you need to set up a separate product feed for each individual country. Shopping campaigns are country-specific, which is why each country needs to have its own campaign.

Your product image is probably one of the most important parts of your ad, if not the most important part. It can attract potential customers right away. Or not. So make sure to use only high quality images without watermarks, loud colors, or busy backgrounds that distract from your product.

If you’re an ecommerce company, Shopping campaigns can make a huge difference for your business. It might take a while to figure out how Shopping campaigns work and how to best use the tool since they are so different from Search campaigns. However, taking the time to get your bearings will definitely be worth the effort.

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