Best Practices For Setting Up A Shopping Campaign

Best Practices For Setting Up A Shopping Campaign

shopping-campaign In contrast to regular Google text ads, the ads of a shopping campaign, called product listing ads, appear separately from text ads in their own box. They include important product information like the price of an item, the title, an image, and your business name. Therefore, they may be a good advertising option for you to consider when promoting your products.

1. Setting Up Your Product Feed

Your product feed is essentially an excel file that contains a description of your products (category, product type, brand, etc.). This description is important since it determines when your ads are eligible to show. Note that you need to set up your data feed in the Google merchant center before you create your shopping campaign.

2. Managing Your Product Feed

Keeping your data feed up-to-date is crucial when running shopping campaigns. Your product description should be as accurate as possible and therefore you should continually optimize it. If your data feed is dated and does not reflect the items you are currently selling, your shopping campaign will most likely not produce the desired results. However, if you continually optimize your product description, you can maximize the number of keywords you show up for and the visibility of your items.

3. Less Is More

Managing your product feed may sound time-consuming but it does not have to be. Ideally you should optimize those 20% of your items that generate 80% of your revenue. If you follow this principle and focus on your best-performing terms, your data feed optimization will be a piece of cake and will take up little of your time.

With shopping campaigns you can organize your products just like you would in a store. You can set up a separate product group for each type of product and organize bids individually. Create your own shopping campaign and find out how easy it can be to promote your products effectively.

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