SnapChat: For Creative Advertising Only

SnapChat: For Creative Advertising Only

snapchat-advertising-usage If you’re a social media advertiser or a female teenager, you’ve probably heard of SnapChat, a mobile app that is similar to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, yet different. Learn how you can use SnapChat for your online advertising:

1. SnapChat & Snaps

First of all, SnapChat is a mobile app with which users produce so-called ‘snaps’. Snaps are messages that can contain anything from text and pictures to videos and drawings. Snaps can be shared among members of the SnapChat community. Each snap only last up to 10 seconds and will then be deleted automatically. Generally speaking, SnapChat is a rather anonymous network since users don’t have to reveal much personal information and snaps get deleted within seconds.

2. Who Should Use It?

As indicated above, teenage girls are the primary users of SnapChat. In general, it can be considered a social media network for a younger audience. SnapChat has been the fastest growing mobile app within the past six month. So if you’re targeting a young and predominantly female crowd, SnapChat might be the online advertising tool for you.

In contrast to Facebook, SnapChat doesn’t allow for an exact market segmentation of its members since SnapChat users share only little personal information. However, this doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. It requires advertisers to be creative, engaging, and to think outside of the box.

3. SnapChat’s Advertising Features

SnapChat offers two main advertising features: Stories and Discover.

Stories allows advertisers to share creative and interesting snaps about a brand. In contrast to regular snaps, stories last for 24 hours. Stories are similar to Twitter updates and one brand can share multiple stories.

Discover allows advertisers to establish their brand in the SnapChat network. Discover is a feature for users who prefer to go directly to a company’s profile to find information about their favorite brand, rather than reading bits and pieces about it in their news feed.

SnapChat is a young social media network that offers great potential for marketers who are willing to get creative and come up with fresh ideas. Sounds pretty exciting, right?

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