Call To Action: How To Call Effectively

Call To Action: How To Call Effectively

call-to-action-messaging The call to action (CTA) is, or should be, the last part of your description line two of your Google AdWords ads. A good call to action tops off your message, attracts your readers’ interest, and makes them perform the desired action, for example making a purchase. This being said, your call to action plays an important role in making your advertising campaign a success. Here are some best practices on how to come up with killer call to action.

1. Speed

Patience is a virtue that most of us don’t have. We want everything now, without having to wait for it. Emphasizing that your business offers “fast shipping”, a “quick repair”, or “instant access” can make for a great call to action and a whole lot of clicks.

2. Problem Solving

This call to action points out a problem, like a damaged windshield. Then it states what could happen if the issue persists, like causing an accident. The last step is to provide a solution to the problem, like having your windshield fixed the same day (there is your “speed” element). Sounds convincing, right?

3. Explanation

A call to action that doesn’t require a lot of creativity but is yet effective is called explanation. This call to action explains how your product works and how to use it. Letting your readers know what you do and how to use your offering works best if the function of your product or service is not completely obvious.

4. Save Money

This call to action works best if your customers are price sensitive. By pointing out a discount, like “15% off this week”, or potential savings, like “save $50 now”, you can address the bargain hunters among your audience.

A call to action can make the difference between viewers actually taking action or turning away from your offering. Try out the strategies explained above and see what works best for your business.

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