5 Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement With Visuals

5 Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement With Visuals

increase-social-media-engagement-visuals Visuals are a powerful way of delivering a message or making a statement. It takes only seconds for you to absorb the message of an image, in contrast to a lengthy text (and let’s face it, sometimes we are simply too lazy to read a long wall of text). Visuals, if used wisely, can make a big difference when it comes to your followers’ social media engagement. Here are some tips on how to use pictures effectively.

1. Show Your Face

Images of your company’s last Christmas get-together make your brand accessible and transparent to your audience. Use corporate events to personalize your business and let your customers look behind the scenes. By showing the people who make up the brand, your company becomes more than just a name, it becomes human with individuals to relate to, ask questions, interact and eventually – bond.

2. Use Your Blog For Social Media Posts

A great way of interacting and engaging with your fans is to share ideas in your blog. You can reach a wide audience if you include visuals with sharable links. Easiness is key here, since nobody will jump through hoops to share your image. Therefore, make sure that your visuals are individually sharable with clear links and that they look compelling in different formats.

3. Ask Questions

Asking your followers questions is a great way of keeping them engaged. Let your audience vote for its favorite product, choose a caption, or pick between two products. Your options are unlimited. But before you start firing questions at your fans, think about interesting topics first and if your chosen topic provides the opportunity for your readers to react. Nobody will give you feedback if the question is too confusing or too trivial.

4. Make Your Fans Laugh

Including humor is an excellent way of keeping your audience engaged and entertained. Therefore, try to incorporate pictures that make your fans giggle and represent your brand in some way. After all, people tend to share funny stuff (for example funny YouTube clips) more readily. However, if you do post humorous pictures, make sure not to insult your audience or play jokes on a certain group of people.

5. Express Yourself Through Quotes

From time to time, posting a visual with a quote or statement that your brand relates to is a great way of expressing your corporate personality. If your fans like your quote and, more importantly, can relate to it, they will share it deliberately. Share what inspires you but make sure it is something that matches your audience’s beliefs and values. The golden rule here, be authentic and find quotes that truly express your brand’s personality. Otherwise, you will look like a fraud.

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