4 Ways To Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

4 Ways To Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

improve-conversion-rate Optimizing your landing page is crucial to maximizing sales. There are several tests that you can run but here are 4 basics that you shouldn’t miss out on!

1. Make Sure Your Ad Matches Your Landing Page

Your ad copy should match your landing page. Sounds pretty obvious right? Making your advertising message as relevant as possible to your landing page is important for several reasons. First of all, your ads are much more effective if they lead directly to whatever product you’re describing in your ad copy. Visitors will probably leave your website without making a purchase if you’re showing a different product on your landing page than offered in your ad or if they can’t find your product without having to click through several pages to get to it. An advertising message that reflects your landing page may improve your quality score and lower your cost per click (CPC). Therefore, check your ads and see if they really lead to the most relevant landing page.

2. Headline – Be Concise

Try to express yourself in an unambiguous and clear way. It is crucial that your readers understand immediately what you’re offering since they decide within seconds whether your ad is relevant to what they were searching for or not. Therefore, don’t beat around the bush but use concise language. After all, you have only 25 characters for your headline and 35 characters for your description lines. If you’re uncertain about the effectiveness of your ad copy, start a headline test and find out what works best for you.

3. Call To Action – Be Persuasive

A strong call to action is an essential part of your description line two in your ad copy and should also be present on your landing page. Studies found that readers are much more likely to do what you would like them to if you state it in your ad. Therefore, include a strong call to action like “Order today”, “Download now”, or “Contact us”. Whatever your intention is, make it explicit in your advertising message and on your landing page and direct your visitors to the next step.

4. Images – Be Visual

Videos and images can have a substantial impact on your visitors. With pictures you can actually show your product or how it is used, which can be much more effective than just describing it. Therefore, include screenshots of your product on your landing page but make sure it relates to your ad copy. Remember that an image or video should emphasize your advertising message and not distract or confuse your visitors. Too much visualization might do more harm than good. Ask yourself if your images are relevant to your ad and if they help to promote your product. Test the effectiveness of images and optimize your landing page accordingly.

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