The Best 2 Tips on How To Optimize Your Landing Page

The Best 2 Tips on How To Optimize Your Landing Page

2-best When you think of ‘campaign optimization’, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably something like modifying your bids or finding new positive or negative keywords in a Search Terms Report. Landing page optimization is typically not among the first responses. The improvement of your landing pages bears great potential for lowering your advertising cost while increasing your conversion rates. Here are some useful tips on how to vamp up your landing pages.

1. Less Is More
What do your landing pages look like? Are your visitors confronted with a wall of text when they arrive at your landing page? Or do you provide only the most important information? Keeping your landing pages simple and clean has many advantages. People get the gist of what your business is about within seconds, which means they can take action more quickly. Decide between crucial information and information you can drop. Once you have selected your most important points, arrange them in a simple and straightforward way. Test different versions of your landing pages, some with more and some with less copy, and see what works best for you.

2. Never Stop Testing
Which brings me to my next point: testing. Don’t rely on landing page approaches of competing advertisers and assume that what worked for them will work for you. Test new headlines, ad copy, and of course, landing pages. Present variations of your landing pages with different colors, fonts, and images to find out what your audience responds well to and what not. Testing your landing pages should become part of your campaign management routine and should be done on a regular basis. This ensures that despite of changing trends, you will always have your best-performing landing page version up and running.

Optimizing your landing page can make a tremendous difference when it comes to lowering your cost per acquisition by increasing your conversion rates. Landing page optimization provides great potential for improvement and besides, experimenting with different versions of your landing page to see what it can look like, sound like fun to me.

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