SEO Image Optimization – How to Get Your Images Seen

SEO Image Optimization – How to Get Your Images Seen

seo-image-optimization You have an amazing picture but you just can’t seem to get enough people to look at it. I know it seems daunting but don’t be discouraged hopefully you will find some help here. There are many ways out there to get your images seen and to make them ideal for SEO practices. These few suggestions, if used correctly and consistently, can really make your images more visible online.

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What am I looking at? Give it a description. A quick sentence that describes what the viewer would be seeing if looking at the image. After all this will give the computer the ability to find it via text. It is pretty easy to add to your image in the link to the picture you simple add alt=”The description of your object in here”.


Name your image something useful as well so that it can also be found this way. Typically when you take it off your computer it might say something snazzy like: “IMG01192015.jpg”. This does not give any indication of what the viewer might be looking at. Also of note when naming the image avoid running all the word together.The computer gets confused by that and also the use of certain other symbols like the underscore so instead of that try a hyphen between each word. EX. Dreams-bakery.jpg The Big Picture No matter how big your image is make sure it loads fast. This can be done with many programs out there. But the key here is to make sure there is not so much extra data stored within the image that the user has to wait for it to be visible.

Now that you have some useful tools go post your pictures and get them found as well.

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