4 Mistakes To Avoid For More Successful AdWords Campaigns

4 Mistakes To Avoid For More Successful AdWords Campaigns

successful-adwords-campaigns Managing a successful campaign starts from avoiding common mistakes. Check out these 4 mistakes that are ruining your adwords performance:

Mistake #1: Keeping Irrelevant Keywords

Including relevant keywords in your ads is a smart way of attracting the interest of potential customers. However, if your keywords lead to a landing page that is irrelevant to your ad, viewers will most likely leave your website without buying your product. This will lead to a low conversion rate, a low quality score, and high costs. Therefore, deleting keywords that don’t perform well should become part of your regular campaign management practice. Run a keyword report of the past weeks and sort by click-through rate (CTR). In general, keywords with a CTR of less than 1% should be paused or removed. You can also sort your keywords by cost per acquisition (CPA) and decide how much a conversion is worth to you. Optimizing your campaign’s keywords is essential. However, it involves adding new ones and getting rid of poor-performing ones.

Mistake #2: Running Ads 24/7

Whereas running your ads 24/7 may work for some of us, it may be a waste of money for others. If you notice that you convert more during certain hours of the day or days of the week and not at all at other times, boost your budget for the times that work best for you. In order to increase the budget for certain hours of the day or days of the week you need to enable ad scheduling. This feature allows you to adjust your bid to your ad performance depending on when your ads perform best. Using ad scheduling may result in an increased return on investment (ROI) and ultimately stretch your budget.

Mistake #3: Your Ad Does Not Match Your Landing Page

As you might imagine, if an ad that offers “Beautiful Red Roses” leads you to a landing page that only sells, for example, purple orchids, you will probably not buy from this seller. Therefore, your ad should reflect your landing page. If you sell red roses, “Beautiful Red Roses” might be a perfect headline for your business. By making sure that you lead potential customers to whatever you’re promising in your ad copy, you can increase your conversion rate, improve your quality score, and lower your cost per click (CPC).

Mistake #4: You Have No Clue Who Your Customers Are

You should have a good idea of who your target audience is or the people you are advertising to. Knowing your customers enables you to write relevant ad copy that leads (ideally) to a high conversion rate. Therefore, draw a picture and get an idea of whom you are targeting or advertising to. Knowing your persona may increase your quality traffic and in the end increase your sales.

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