Setting Up Effective Remarketing Campaigns

Setting Up Effective Remarketing Campaigns

remarketing-campaigns Remarketing campaigns are a great way of displaying your advertising message to potential customers who have already been on your website but did not convert. This audience deserves special attention since it has shown interest in your product or service and is more likely to make a purchase. And here is how you set up an effective remarketing campaign to target this important group of people.

1. Create Targeted Remarketing List

A remarketing list is essentially a collection of cookies from previous visitors. This list is important since it is used to target your ads. You can set up several remarketing lists, for example, for different product categories, for visitors who left your website without converting, or for visitors who have already placed a product in their shopping cart but did not complete the purchase.

2. Bid Modifier on the Search Network

A handy tool for remarketing campaigns is the bid modifier. This feature allows you to automatically increase the bid for your remarketing audience. Optimizing your bid for your most important visitors can help you get more conversions. You could, for example, raise the bid for potential customers who have been on your website within the last 30 days or show a different ad to visitors with an item in their shopping cart that they have not ordered yet.

3. Optimize The Landing Page

If you are targeting people who have been on your website and left without purchasing the item in their shopping cart, you may want to send these people directly to your check-out site to complete the purchase. In general, the landing page you are directing your remarketing audience to should be relevant to your ad text.

4. Exclude Mobile Apps From Displaying Your Ads

You might want to consider showing your ads on desktop devices only. This is easily done by unchecking the box to show your ads on mobile apps.

5. Increase Bids For Converting Placements

Similarly to your remarketing audience, you may want to increase the bid for your best-performing placements. This can help you to produce more conversions and improve your ROI.

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