4 Tips To Optimize Your Paid Search Campaign Settings

4 Tips To Optimize Your Paid Search Campaign Settings

optimize-paid-campaign-settings Choosing the ideal campaign settings for your particular advertising goals is essential. If your settings are just not quite right for your purposes, you will never achieve your maximum potential. Therefore, take a few things into consideration before you get started on your first AdWords campaign.

1. Search Network? Display Network? Or Both?

The Google Network is made up of the Search Network and the Display Network. The Search Network consists of Google search results pages, partnering search sites, and other Google sites, whereas the Display Network consists of sites like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail, and partnering websites. AdWords now offers a new feature called “Search Network with Display Select”. This campaign type helps you reach customers who search and visit various websites. However, instead of picking this combined option, think about what goals you want to achieve and which campaign type is the most suitable to do so. Then focus on one campaign type at a time.

2. Language Targeting

It might sound superfluous but what language does your target audience speak? And what language are your ads written in? First of all, it is important to know that Google does not translate your ads. Therefore, your targeting language should be the language you write your ads in, for example, if your ads are written in French, target French speakers. If you consider targeting more than one language, it makes sense to organize your campaigns by country, as it wouldn’t make much sense to show your French ads to Spanish speakers.

3. Location Targeting

So your target audience is French speaking? Why not target France or certain cities within France? Location targeting allows you to target geographic locations like countries, cities, or a radius around a location. You can select location targeting on the campaign level. With location targeting you can focus on particular areas where you think your most relevant customers are located.

4. Ad Scheduling

Ad scheduling allows you to select certain days of the week or certain hours of the day that work best for you and increase your bid for these times. You run a bar downtown and notice that people go out on Friday and Saturday rather than on Monday? Increase your bid for the weekend and your ads will be shown more frequently on these days. This way you can make the most of your advertising budget.

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