5 Tips To Write Successful Facebook News Feed Ads

5 Tips To Write Successful Facebook News Feed Ads

write-successful-news-feed-ads If you are using Facebook ads already and think about improving your performance or if you have never used Facebook ads before and think about utilizing them as part of your online advertising, here are some tips how to create successful ads for your Facebook page.

1. News Feed Ads Or Right-Hand Column Ads?

First of all, where do you want your ads to appear? As the name suggests, news feed ads are right in the center of your Facebook page in your news feed and right-hand column ads are on the right-hand side of your Facebook page in a less prominent spot. This leads me to my point; the position on the right is less noticeable than the eye-catching news feed spot. Therefore, news feed ads are more likely than right-hand column ads to boost your user engagement.

2. Test Your Text And Visuals

In order to make your ads successful, you should test several text ideas and different images to find out what your audience likes and what not. Does your audience respond to long texts better or to short ones? What kind of visuals do they prefer? You can only get the answers to these questions by testing multiple ad variations. Quick tip, make sure your Facebook images contain only 20% of text, if they have more text Facebook will reject them.

3. News Feed Ad Content

There are certain elements your Facebook news feed ad should contain in order to perform well. Most importantly, you should clearly state what you’re offering and provide reasons why you’re better than the competition and why customers should purchase your product or service. Include a strong call to action, like “Free Shipping”, “Order Now” or “Contact Us”. If you want your audience to call you, add a phone number to your ad.

4. Keep Testing

After you’ve set up your test posts, give them some time to run and collect enough data. Then analyze which text and which image got the most responses and combine the two. Now you have your best-performing text and visual in one Facebook news feed ad. But your testing phase doesn’t end here; you should keep testing new texts, images, and headlines on a constant basis. To duplicate your ad and start new tests, use the Facebook Power Editor.

5. Create A Conversion Code

In order to analyze your data and improve your campaign, you should start tracking your users’ actions by installing a conversion pixel. This can be easily done in your Ad Tools menu under Conversion Tracking. A conversion code will help you find out what’s working for you and what’s not.

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