How To Write Effective Ad Copy on Google AdWords

How To Write Effective Ad Copy on Google AdWords

Text ads are the standard type of AdWords ads. They include a title, two lines of text called description lines and your website address. The following article will introduce each component of a text ad in more detail and provide you with useful tips to improve your AdWords ad copy.

1. The Headline

The headline is a crucial part of your ad. Being the first component of your ad and being highlighted in blue, it has the potential to attract your readers’ attention. Including relevant keywords in your headline is a smart way of distinguishing yourself from the competition. To have a keyword that is directly related to your product or service in your headline will also help to create more targeted ad groups. Therefore, use these 25 characters wisely.

2. Description Line One

The first of the two description lines should be used to promote your product or service. You have 35 characters to explain why your goods are better than those of your competitors. An effective way to do so is to emphasize benefits or unique features of your product or service. Also consider split testing individual elements of your ad to find out which headline, description line and URL converted best for you and to make your ad copy more relevant to readers’ searches.

3. Description Line Two

The second description line should ideally include a strong call to action. A call to action can be “Free Shipping,” “Order Now,” or “Contact Us.” Studies show that telling people what to do on your website has a psychological effect on their behavior, which means visitors are more likely to do what you suggested in your call to action. It is essential that potential customers find your call to action on your website easily within a few clicks. This second description line provides 35 characters, just like the first one.

4. Display URL

Your display URL is shown in green and consists of 35 characters. The root URL has to be the same as the destination URL, everything after the dash (e. g. can be customized. The website address gives people an idea of where they will go when they click on your ad.

5. Destination URL

The destination URL is the real landing page and will not be displayed. By using a longer destination URL, you can send people to a more specific part of your website.

Your ad plays an important role in the type of users that land on the landing page. You need to maximize the conversions that your ads generate and to do that you need to test the 5 elements above over time and without actually stopping it.

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