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Paid Search

(aka: “Pay-Per-Click Advertising” and “SEM”)

How it works

You pay Google whenever someone: searches for a word related to your business, sees your ad, and clicks on it. Example: if you sold dog food, you would pay Google when a searcher looked for the words “buy dog food” on, saw your ad and clicked it. The amount you pay Google per click on your ad depends on your industry and can be anywhere for $.05 to $99. If your ad shows up and they don’t click, you don’t pay.

Main Benefits:

  • You control when and how your ads show up
  • It’s possible to see traffic and sales within an hour or two from the moment you start

Paid Search

Google says that “anyone can get started in 5 minutes.” In reality that’s like saying anyone can invest in the stock market in 5 minutes. Sure you can buy stocks, but you could be throwing your money right down the drain. Our expert team will look at dozens of factors to ensure that your investment in paid search minimizes costs and maximizes your profit!


  • Pay Google each time someone clicks on any of your ads that show up
  • Pay an expert to manage your paid search (like a portfolio manager)

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Search Engine Optimization

How it works

The idea here is that you try to convince Google that your website is most relevant to specific words an online searcher looks for. For example: if the searcher looks for “buy dog food” you have to convince Google that your website is most relevant for buying dog food and that your site will satisfy this user’s intent. Google decides when and where to show your website in the “organic” slots.

Main Benefits

  • You don’t get charged by Google each time someone clicks to enter your website

Search Engine Optimization

(aka: SEO or Organic Search)
To “convince” Google to show your website is very complex but it basically has to do with you having the right content (words) on your website, it’s structure (the technical stuff), and other websites linking (connecting) to yours. “Linking” example: CNN wrote an online article about your website saying it’s a great place to “buy dog food” they would be validating that you sells dog food which Google will take into consideration.


  • Pay an expert to optimize your website and proactively find ways to “convince” Google to show it

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Social Media and Affiliates

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

You get individuals involved in the process of telling their friends, spreading the word, and selling your product / services.

Affiliate Program

You pay individuals, usually on commission, to sell your products / services – think of it like hiring independent sales people.

These are uniquely customized and delicate programs that rely on people outside your business, and require close expert management and attention – you can imagine what can happen when you put advertising in the hands of others.

Risks include affiliates misrepresenting your brand and Facebook program getting negative attention – both which can deteriorate your brand!

We usually suggest using these last two methods AFTER your “paid search” and “search engine optimization” strategies are in place.

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