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This page describes some of the online advertising tactics we use to increase your business sales and profit

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Paid Search

Account Structure

A sub-optimal account structure has long-term negative effects on your advertising. A good one keeps you ahead of competition, provides cheaper clicks, more customers, sales and profit. Here is how we help:

  • Create a new account – launch your online advertising with an effective structure
  • Account re-structuring – restructure your account to be scalable and efficient
  • Account Expansion – discover big-picture opportunities and capture more market-share

Account Optimization

Optimization separates the good accounts from the great ones – by running efficiently and providing control over when and how your ads are showing. Here are a few ways we get “More Bang for Your Buck”:

  • Increase Quality Scores – improves ad position, increases traffic, and decreases click cost
  • Negative Keywords and Match Types – eliminate waste and control how Google displays ads
  • Geographic Targeting – optimize where and how Google shows your ads
  • Ad copy testing – from seasonal sale-copy to brand-image we continually test for the “best ad”

Proactive Management

Proactively manage your account to stay ahead of competition and maximize return on ad spend (ROAS).

  • Meet your business goals – continually manage your advertising to tie directly with your goals
  • Google’s New Features – take advantage of all the new Google products that meet your needs
  • Data-driven results – use Google analytics and your tracking to get incremental improvements

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Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Optimization

Website structure and optimization is the foundation of any search engine optimization effort, although you might say that it is “necessary but not sufficient” for organic success in the major search engines.

  • Keyword Research – research and determine the vital keywords for your business to ensure you are targeting the most highly searched and/or highly profitable keywords for your business.
  • On-Page Optimization – use research to optimize your meta tags, content, etc., and utilize best practices to ensure that your website presents the appropriate signals to the search engines.
  • Internal Site Structure – is the 2nd most important signal to search engines (1st is below). PageRank distribution, URL Canonicalization, and anchor text are just few of the issues involved.
  • Visibility – XML sitemap, Google Webmaster Tools verification and troubleshooting, etc.

Link and Social Popularity and Promotion
Once your site is visible and accessible to the bots, crawl issues are identified and resolved, and your website is optimized to put its best foot forward, the primary focus becomes your external promotion.

“Build it and they will come” does not apply to the internet. With billions of existing websites, and more added every day, proper and effective promotion is vital to your online success.

  • Link Popularity – are ‘votes’ from other websites and the core signal in Google’s algorithm.
  • Social Signals – “new sharing.” Links are no longer enough in the competitive SEO landscape.
  • Geographic Targeting – optimize where and how Google shows your ads
  • Press Releases – create and distribute news about your business to expand online presence.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

SEO should be part of your ongoing long-term strategy to beat competition, and it requires commitment and patience. The rewards are vast and priceless: quality, relevant traffic and creating value for your business.

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Social Media and Affiliates

Social Media

The rise of social media is forever changing the way we spend time online, and its increasing importance is becoming a factor in search engine rankings.

  • Fan Acquisition – implement programs to get you more Facebook fans
  • Website Traffic – drive relevant and qualified social traffic via paid and non-paid channels.
  • Brand Awareness – social is a ‘push’ medium (search is a ‘pull’). So, acquiring traffic via search channels is limited by search volume, whereas social channels can create awareness of your product / service, increase your reach and revenue, and drive up your search volume.
  • Engagement & Reputation – social channels have better opportunities to understand, engage and improve relationships with your target audience, and also increase sales and lifetime value.

Affiliate Programs

  • Increase Affiliates – help you acquire affiliates that will increase your sales and brand value.
  • Common Problems – monitor abuse: stealing sales, increasing your costs, and brand fraud.

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