How Much Does Google Ads Service Cost?

You Know What You CAN’T Afford

That’s why you’re here, looking for Google Ads help. If you’re anything like the hundreds of business owners and executives that I’ve spoken with over the past 10 years, then here are few things you already know:

Most Google Ads consultants and PPC agencies Suck

The sales call – amazing, their knowledge and professionalism – impressive, their confidence that they can help – super-human, and their online reviews – stellar. You signed up. Once the honeymoon stage ended, they became less responsive, and real results were lacking.

Here’s why: That person who sold you is probably a smooth salesperson and not the one who ended up working on your account. Most online marketing agencies believe that small businesses deserve small attention. They charge “small fees” for mediocre cookie-cutter service to a lot of businesses.
The Result: You wasted money and you’re now even more suspicious of experts like me.

Free Help is Expensive

If you got that call from Google and worked with an official Google Ads specialist, then their recommendations boiled down to two things:

  1. Give Google more control over your advertising AKA “automate” and
  2. You need to increase your bids AKA “spend more”

Here’s why: That “specialist” probably has less than 1 year of experience with Google Ads and is much more a sales person than an expert. Google’s real specialist are reserved to businesses spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.
The Result: You wasted money and you couldn’t hold Google accountable.

You do NOT want to run Google Ads Yourself

Maybe you read some Google Ads expert‘s blog or watched their educational videos about how to advertise on Google. You built a campaign and went live. Did it “work?” You’re not really sure, but probably not. Did Google spend your money? Absolutely!

Here’s why: Google makes it very easy to set up an account and waste your money and there is a 95% chance that your Google Ads account is set up completely wrong.
The Result: You wasted money, started to doubt if Google Ads could ever be effective for your business, and confirmed that you prefer your profession over mine.

You Cannot Afford to Waste More Time & Money

If any of this sounds familiar, then you should know that the GOOD NEWS is there is a better way. Schedule your free 15 minute consultation and give us a chance to turn your online marketing around!

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