What Is The Best Way To Structure Your AdWords Campaigns?

What Is The Best Way To Structure Your AdWords Campaigns?


How you structure your AdWords, or Google Ads, campaign is extremely important. Your account structure is literally the back bone of your account’s success. And, the best way to structure your Google Ads account is to structure it in the same way you structure your website.

Here’s How.

Let’s start with the basics: How do you view your business? For example, if you sell animal food, your website should be structured by the categories of animal food, such as food for fish, dogs, cats, etc. And, when you create your ad groups, you’ll need to break it down into even more subgroups, such as:

  • Cheap
  • Organic
  • Non-Organic
  • Discount

So, simply put, you create a campaign for dog food and then separate it into these four ad groups. And, even better, you can easily monitor the results, especially when you add a label to each ad group. The infrastructure of your account matters. Organization matters. When you organize your Google Ads campaigns precisely like this, it will perform much more effectively and much more productively.

Follow Best Practices

Achieve the results you want and need with these best practices:

  • Start by organizing your campaigns and ad groups from the start versus reorganizing after you have several in place already. Any type of reorganization is going to affect the data you’ve accumulated.
  • Choose a narrow theme for each of your ad groups and then create ad groups that surround that theme. Then, use keywords that relate directly to that theme.

How NOT to Structure a Google Ads Campaign

It may be tempting to use a keyword phrase that you find and use it in multiple ad groups as match type words. However, this doesn’t work. If you use organic dog food as your keyword in exact and match type, it defeats the overall purpose, not to mention, it’s a mess trying to evaluate the results. You would have to go to the keyword tab, filter out the keywords and then try and see the results. There’s a simple option as detailed above. Why not simplify and maximize your Goggle Ads campaign instead?

Another pitfall is using the best keywords as the categories for your ad groups or campaign. A campaign like that doesn’t make sense. While this strategy used to work, it just isn’t as effective now. And, evaluating the effectiveness of a campaign that utilizes the ‘best keywords’ function is a mess, too. Again, you would have to filter out the keywords to even measure your results. While some would argue that you could see results with these two methods in the short run, the process doesn’t yield results in the long term. It doesn’t allow you to maximize and optimize for efficiency for years to come.

Simply put … don’t do it.

While a common misconception is that there is no BEST way to structure a Google Ads campaign, I beg to differ. This is THE best way for you – and your business – to be successful in the long run. Not to mention, if someone tries to assist you or take over your account, you have a logically organized system in place that is easy to modify, revise, add and delete without filtering through an unorganized mess.

Ready to get started? Try this method and let us know how your Google Ads campaign is progressing. If you’re still not comfortable, consult a Google Ads consultant.

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