How Do I Get More Traffic On My Website Through AdWords?

How Do I Get More Traffic On My Website Through AdWords?

AdWords, now dubbed Google Ads, does allow you to get more traffic on your website. It runs off a system that stems from the idea that “the more you pay, the more traffic you can drive to your website.”

However, there are many pitfalls that can impede how much traffic is driven to your site. In other words, investing in Google Ads incorrectly will be an ineffective and inefficient way to drive traffic to your site (that’s why some chose to leverage a certified AdWords consultant to help navigate the ways of Google Ads.

If you’re interested in learning how to boost your traffic and utilize Google Ads to your advantage, keep reading.

Identifying a Goal

Primarily, with Google Ads, your goal should be to maximize the quality and quantity of traffic while minimizing the cost per click (visitor). This is equivalent to maximizing your goal (leads, sales, etc.) and minimizing your cost per goal. It’s a smart business decision and one that has the potential to grow your company, brand awareness and more.

Avoid the Pitfalls

Many people I’ve come across focus on maximizing clicks (traffic), but wonder why they get no results. Simply put, it’s the fail the above principle; their traffic is completely irrelevant to their business. To further explain, compare Google Ads to the stock market. In this case, trying to maximize traffic to your site is like trying to maximize the numbers of shares you hold in the stock market – it has NO value unless the traffic/stock are valuable to your goals, which is usually profit.

At the same time, some people focus on very few keywords with strict match types, so the traffic is completely relevant, but there isn’t enough traffic to actually grow the business.

Pay Close Attention to Keyword Match Types

In order to get more traffic on your website, it’s important to try a number of different strategies to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s essential to also pay close attention to whether or not your keywords are effective.

Many times, business owners or entrepreneurs opt for exact match or phrase match keywords because it seems logical that these keywords may attract relevant traffic. However, the downside is that many restrictive match types tend to have lower search volumes, ultimately leading to a lower click volume for each campaign. That’s why it may be worth trying broader match types. Test out a few broad match modifier keywords for your campaign on some of the primary ad groups and then measure the results.

Get Creative With Your Promotions

The reality is that you can have all of the relevant keywords you need on your website, but if you’re not running creative and compelling ads or promotions, you won’t get the traffic or the results you need. Make sure that your ads or promotions highlight the benefits of your services or products. Use visually-appealing images or graphics that draw in consumers and are much more creative than the competition.

Embrace Trial and Error

There is no ONE RIGHT WAY to manage Google Ads, but unfortunately, I’ve personally seen hundreds of wrong ways.

To be effective with Google Ads, you must do the following:

  • Understand the platform and actively manage it professionally
  • Leverage your knowledge of your business and customers
  • Continually explore opportunities, balancing quality, quantity, and costs

While each company or individual entrepreneur has diverse needs and wants, it’s natural to want more traffic to your website. Google Ads may be the best solution if you use it to your advantage. Create a hypothesis, test it and then invest in things that work while pulling back on things that don’t.

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