Apple Maps Connect – What You Need to Know

Apple Maps Connect – What You Need to Know

The Concept

Apple Maps Connect is a free online crowdsourcing tool that gives small businesses the opportunity to connect with the rest of the world. By signing up to the website, owners of small businesses can place their social media websites, company description, and other information in a database that will be used with Apple Maps. The concept is similar to that of Yelp. However, these businesses can only be found on Apple Maps. With the help of these small business owners uploading their company’s information, Apple hopes to propel Apple Maps to be the premier navigation application for iPhone users. The application had been having issues, and Maps Connect is hoped to be the piece to fix its problems. Apple Maps is prioritizing the needs of the largest businesses providing information, aiming to provide technology that can send information to mobile phone users depending on their location. This iBeacon technology is still new and is still being developed.

How Does One Connect

Registering a business with Maps Connect is a simple process. After agreeing to the terms of service, a business owner or someone authorized by the business owner with an Apple ID will enter address, location hours, and websites or social media pages. A map of the business will be shown, and a pin is placed to confirm the location. Contact information is required and the user will be called at the phone number provided to verify the business. There are major categories of business that Maps Connect is aiming for, so it may not be suitable for all small business owners. After all information is updated, the process takes about a week and updates can be seen on both desktop and mobile versions of Apple Maps. Registering is limited to business owners in the US as it is still new. However, additional countries will have the availability to add businesses soon.

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