SEO and Penguin 3.0 – Three Things You Need To Stop Doing

SEO and Penguin 3.0 – Three Things You Need To Stop Doing

penguin-3 Google released Penguin 3.0 which is the first update in over a year to the Penguin system. Penguin is a filter that is directed towards fighting the spam that has threatened to overwhelm the internet.
If you’re a website owner and want to steer clear of any and all Penguin updates, here are 3 things you should STOP doing.

1) Stop using guest posts to increase page ranking.

The common tactic was to sign up for an account, create a profile and then make a post with a couple of links. One link would be to Wikipedia and the other link would be to the site that the poster was trying to promote. This was a commonly used tactic.

2) Stop allowing posts that are not related to the nature of the site.

A site should have a cohesive theme that it is aiming for. A tech news site would concentrate on tech news. Any links that that are totally unrelated to that theme will be penalized in the page ranking. Therefore links should only be found on sites that actually relate to the site being linked from. Tech sites should only have links to other tech sites or tech related news or information found on the net.

3) Stop trying to create inorganic links to boost page ranking.

The only links that will count for page rank after the Penguin 3.0 roll out will be those that are naturally organic to the topic being discussed. Therefore it will be necessary to make sure that any links that are created in an attempt to boost page rank are done in such a way as to not appear inorganic or unnatural. One tactic to avoid appearing inorganic is to group a wide variety of links to different sites (yes even competitor sites) would allow one to not appear as if they are attempting to unnaturally or unfairly boost one site over all the others.

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