Which Is Better, Google AdWords or Bing Ads

Which Is Better, Google AdWords or Bing Ads

Whether you are just starting your Google Adwords account or have had one for years, you might wonder if Bing ads is a good fit for your business. As a Google Adwords consultant, we commonly get questions about Bing Ads. Is Bing Ads better than Google Adwords? Does anyone even use Bing? Why even bother advertising on there at all?

Some Google Adwords management services might tell you not to waste your time with Bing and stick only on Google. But for most accounts, this is simply not the case. Bing provides distinct advantages and opportunities. It also allows you the opportunity to diversify your traffic. Google will indeed have about 2- 5x the traffic as Bing, but this does not mean Bing should be ignored entirely.

Here are Just a Few Reasons Why Google Ads Consultants Recommend Bing Ads:


Your campaigns are easily imported from Google

Bing implemented a great feature that allows you to import any of your campaigns from Google Adwords right into the Bing Ads platform. Using this, you can have your Adwords campaigns up and running on Bing within an hour. You can even schedule these imports so that any change you make is carried over to your Bing Ads account. There are a few small details to watch out for when importing, but this goes beyond this post’s scope. If you are working with a Google Adwords management service, they will be more than capable of handling this for your campaigns.

Less traffic means less competition

As mentioned, Google does have significantly more traffic than Bing Ads, but with more traffic comes increased competition. Both for paid and organic traffic, the fight to reach the top of the page is much more fierce. By advertising on Bing, there is a better chance that your competitors are not actively advertising on this channel. This means you can rank higher on the page and capture more of the most qualified traffic.

More significant traffic from desktop

Since Bing is the preferred search engine of Microsoft Edge (and formerly Internet Explorer), Windows users that do not switch their browser’s default search engine use Bing. This means that a more significant percentage of traffic is from desktop. If your website isn’t quite as optimized for mobile traffic, Bing presents a great opportunity.

More corporate or professional users

Similar to the reason above, many searches performed during work are done on Bing. As many work desktops are PCs, Bing will end up being the default search engine. This means that employees searching for services for their business will end up on a Bing search results page. If you are a B2B or enterprise business, Bing’s traffic can end up being more qualified than Google Adwords.

Demographic Differences

The age range on Bing skews a little older than Google, as younger users are more likely to change their browser or search engine. If your product or service targets more of an older demographic, Bing presents another great opportunity.

Review Bing Ads with your Google Adwords management service

Rather than just Google Adwords consultants, we consider ourselves dedicated PPC consultants. With this, we test out different traffic sources for every business. If an account performs better on Bing, we will happily shift more of the budget there. I would advise you to do the same with your accounts and test Bing Ads out.

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