Why Google AdWords Is Such a Great Traffic Source

Why Google AdWords Is Such a Great Traffic Source

Now, as a Google Adwords management agency, we may be a little biased here, but our favorite traffic source is still Google Adwords. This does not mean that it is always the best fit for every business. There are many businesses where other paid traffic sources, such as Facebook ads, might work better. Google Adwords can provide targeted traffic and deserves a place in the marketing strategy for almost any business.

There are multiple reasons why Google Adwords is such a great traffic source. As PPC consultants, we have seen campaigns run profitably for a variety of businesses. This can range from local plumbers spending a few hundred dollars a month to national companies with budgets of over a million per month.

A PPC consultant’s reasons why Google Adwords should be considered for any business owner:

You have the most insight into where your budget is going

With Google Adwords and a properly installed Google Analytics account, you can get the most insight into where your ad dollars are spent. You can see your clicks and users down to the city, time of day, and even demographic information. For search campaigns, you can see most of the relevant search queries that triggered your click. All this info allows you to really understand the traffic that comes into your website. Other platforms such as Facebook provide some of this information, but not quite at the level of Google Adwords or Analytics.

You can find customers low in the sales funnel

With Google Adwords, you can capture traffic much lower in the sales funnel than most funnels. If you are not a PPC consultant, you may be a little unfamiliar with this terminology. The sales funnel simply refers to where the user is on their journey. Those lowest in the funnel come with the most intent. They might already be familiar with your brand or have a specific action in mind. This is contrasted with traffic higher up in the sales funnel. Who might only be vaguely familiar with your brand and not browsing with specific intent.

Since Google Adwords gives you the ability to bid on particular keywords and phrases, you can capture the traffic related to the terms with a specific purpose. Other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter require you to educate the user about your product or service while they’re only looking through their feed with no specific intent.

Google Adwords gives you or your Google Adwords Management agency the most control

Using Google Adwords, you have the most control of the traffic coming into your website. For similar reasons listed above of how you can control your budget, you can use all these options to control the traffic. Google Adwords allows you to create campaigns based on any keyword you choose. As long as it meets Google’s regulations, you can bid and create ads on the keywords most relevant to your business. Not only this, but you can run display ads on any website that is partnered with Google. Using Youtube Ads, you can place your video ads across countless Youtube channels or categories. And Google’s audience features allows you to create custom audiences to target with any display, search, or video campaign.

Google Adwords is not the only paid traffic source out there. And there are more and more ad platforms emerging, and digital marketing becomes more prominent. But as PPC consultants, we find Google delivers consistent results more often than not.

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