Do SMBs Trust Their AdWords PPC Consultants

Do SMBs Trust Their AdWords PPC Consultants

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for small to medium-sized businesses to lack trust in their SEO or PPC consultants.  As an employee at a Google Adwords management agency, it might be blasphemous to admit this. But this is a common theme throughout Digital Marketing or any service-based business. There are a couple of common reasons for this mistrust within PPC and a few ways it can be solved.

Reasons why SMbs mistrust their PPC Consultants

The industry is full of over-promises with under-delivery

This tends to happen most at Google Adwords management agencies. Over-eager sales reps will over-promise to try and earn a commission. Sometimes these sales reps will have no experience in PPC themselves and simply promise the moon, hoping the account manager can deliver.  If you are ever looking for a PPC consultant or agency, make sure to talk to the person that works on your account. We have a post going over what to look for in a Google Adwords management agency here:

The goals of service and the business do not usually align

Most agencies or consultants get paid hourly or a percentage of the advertising budget. So the service wants to generate just enough profit not to get fired, and while the business wants to maximize revenue but minimize profit. If a company is not on the same page as their PPC consultant, the trust breaks down. This difference between the business owner and service provider can hurt more than just the relationship, but the business can suffer as well.

How trustworthy Google Adwords Management Agencies solve this

The best way to solve this is to create a win-win. To create a situation where both the Google Adwords management agency or consultation have the right incentives. A great way to do this is with a partnership, where the consultant will see a percentage of the profit based on a predetermined contract. There are many benefits to a partnership, and when chosen carefully, there are great results for both sides. Although this is uncommon, there are still other strategies besides this.

Another strategy is to ask for compensation after the results are shown. This is a common strategy used if a business is hesitant to work with a new Google Ads management agency. Some agencies might offer a risk-free service if they see a business’s potential. Then the company only has to pay the fee after evaluating the results produced. This method requires extreme confidence from the PPC consultant. They know they can deliver the results and are hungry for the chance to prove themselves.

These are two situations that align the incentive for both the client and the Google Ads management agency. These situations tend to be the exceptions rather than the norm. Either way, your PPC consultant must know the goals and KPIs of your business.  It’s essential to remain aware and set the appropriate expectations. Whatever your business or industry, it is important to have tangible results to measure your online marketing by.

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