How Do I Get Picture Ads on Google

How Do I Get Picture Ads on Google

How Do I Get Picture Ads on Google

As Google Adwords consultant, we commonly get asked about how to use image ads on Google Adwords. Many business owners are not quite sure how or the best practices for creating image ads. Now, image ads might refer to multiple different types of Google Adwords campaigns. The first and more commonly known are display ads, which show image ads across Google’s partner sites. The second is shopping campaigns, which will show a picture of your product or product catalog. I will go over a brief overview of each how to set up each type of image ad. Then we have the newly created Display campaigns

Image Ad Options Breakdown by a Google Adwords Consultant

  1. Display Campaigns

Display ads refer to the image ads, commonly known as banner ads, seen when surfing the web. For these campaigns, responsive display ads are our preferred display ad type.  As a Google Adwords Management service, we find it is often unnecessary to create HTLM5 or custom ads for every business. Responsive ads work great, and hiring a graphic designer to create these images can accumulate unnecessary costs for most companies. Responsive display ads will use images you likely already have available, add headlines and descriptions, and rotate the combinations.

  1. Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns are the product ads you see in the google search results or across the partner sites. These ads resemble eBay or Amazon listings, showing the product picture, details, and price. Shopping campaigns are a bit more tricky as you have to set up a product feed. Google will then pull from your product feed and use the product images in your ads. Many website builders such as Shopify will have an app or plugin to remove the product feed manually. But the more extensive your product catalog, the more difficult this might become, even using a 3rd party tool. Some Google Adwords Management services are dedicated strictly to the creation and management of shopping feeds. If your company has an extensive catalog, this may be something you want to look into.

  1. Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns

This type of image ad falls under both the Display and shopping campaign. By linking your display campaigns to your product feed and using a remarketing audience, Google can match the user to the product they viewed. Then show the product ad to that customer across the web. Similarly, if you are using a smart shopping campaign, Google will use dynamic remarketing in a similar way

  1. Discovery Campaign

These are a new type of campaign Google just launched. If you are not a Google Adwords consultant, you might not be aware of it yet. These ad types show on YouTube Home and watch next feed, the Gmail promotions and social tabs, and Discover feed. As this is a reasonably new campaign type, there are not many best practices yet. But many Google Adwords Management Services see success using remarketing lists and custom audiences. The image ad creation is similar to that of responsive display ads but allows for even more customization.

Recommendations for Image Ads from a Google Adword’s Management Service

Each business can see success with the multiple-image ad types. Some might prefer one over the other, while others see an excellent ROI for all. Ultimately, you must test out each type and find what works for you.

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