3 Steps To Improving The Visibility Of Your LinkedIn Public Profile

3 Steps To Improving The Visibility Of Your LinkedIn Public Profile

LinkedIn is a great tool to market yourself online given that your public profile shows up for searches. But how can you make sure that people looking for someone with your skills can find you? Improving the visibility of your LinkedIn public profile is easy with the following practices.

1. Check Your Privacy Settings

First of all, go to your Privacy & Settings section on your LinkedIn profile and click Manage. Got to the Section “Helpful Links,” and click “Edit your public profile.” On the right, you can now choose between Make my public profile visible to no one or Make my public profile visible to everyone. If you select the latter you can also choose what kind of information you would like to share on your public profile, for example picture, headline, education, and skills. In order to entice people to view your full profile on LinkedIn you should make sure to show your publications, awards, and special skills on your public profile as well.

2. Update Your Public Profile

Now that you made your public profile visible to everyone, you should check the information provided. In order to do so, you need to log out of your LinkedIn account to see your public profile. You can find your public LinkedIn profile by typing your name in the Google search box. After you’ve found your public profile, check what important information is missing. Compare your private and your public LinkedIn profile and add information to your public profile that you think is relevant for searchers or could entice people to view your full LinkedIn profile and connect with you.

3. Keywords Are Key

Now that your information is up-to-date, add some keywords. By using the LinkedIn search box you can look up people with skills like sales. If sales is one of your skills, add it to your keywords. Take a look at the profiles of people who show up ahead of you when you enter a certain keyword and make a keyword list of recurring terms that are relevant to your area of expertise. Add your keywords to your heading, job description, or summary to make it easier for people to find you and to get more exposure.

With a stellar LinkedIn profile, you can increase your visibility and make new connections. Therefore, take the time to apply these easy tweaks and find out where your improved LinkedIn public profile will take you.

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