LinkedIn As A Content Marketing Tool

LinkedIn As A Content Marketing Tool

linkedin-content-marketing Are you using LinkedIn? For those of you who answer this question with “No because I’m using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest”, it might be worthwhile to try LinkedIn. Why you ask? Because LinkedIn’s popularity is growing rapidly and it has already left Twitter behind when it comes to content marketing. Check out why you should share content on LinkedIn and how you can use the platform as a content marketing tool.

1. Why You Should Use LinkedIn

Starting out as a platform used by business professionals to network, LinkedIn later on implemented a feature that allows its users to share content and use it as a content marketing tool. Since then, the platform’s popularity has been growing. LinkedIn has an impressive 172,000 registrations per day and a conversion rate three times as high as other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn offers more than two million groups that you can join and connect with other professionals in your field.

2. More Focus On Content

In contrast to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn started out as a platform for and used by business professionals. Therefore, the LinkedIn content is much more business-related than on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You will much rather get distracted by friends announcing their first baby on Facebook than on LinkedIn. It goes without saying that less distraction allows users to focus more on your content.

3. More Content Sharing Options

LinkedIn offers a range of possibilities when it comes to content marketing. Sure you can write articles and blogs but you can also create slideshows, videos and images to share information. The choice is yours.

4. New Content As A Team Effort

As mentioned above, LinkedIn is home to over two million groups of experts from different industries. Joining some of these groups and sharing ideas with other professionals can help you generate new and interesting content for your blog. Asking questions, providing information and staying engaged is the key to a successful LinkedIn profile and ultimately to a higher conversion rate.

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