4 New And Noteworthy Google AdWords Features

4 New And Noteworthy Google AdWords Features

google-adwords-feature Google released many new features in the past year that you may or may not have heard from yet. We selected the most relevant AdWords updates for you. Check out what they are for and how to use them.

1. Callout Extensions

Callout extensions are, as you might guess, ad extensions that you can use to add more text to your ads. In contrast to sitelinks, a callout doesn’t require a unique landing page. A smart way of using this extra line of text is to fill it with your general ad content and make your ad itself more specific, for example, instead of putting “Free Shipping” in your second description line, you can add it as a callout extension. This way, you will have more space to be creative and promote your product.

2. Mobile Strategy

In case you haven’t done so, implement a mobile strategy. There are a few things to consider: First of all, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and secondly, write ads for mobile devices that will only be displayed on mobiles. You will quickly lose your mobile audience if it’s too hard or impossible to navigate your mobile website. Don’t underestimate the number of searches being done on smartphones and make sure you don’t miss out on these conversions.

3. Third-Party Tools

There is a number of AdWords campaign optimization tools that don’t really deliver what they promise. However, there are some that are worth taking a closer look at, Adalysis being one of them. I can also recommend WordStream, Invoca, and Data Feed Watch. If you haven’t worked with a third-party tool yet, give it a shot; the results might surprise you.

4. Ad Customizers

This feature can save you time and improve your performance so it’s definitely worth getting to know it. With ad customizers you can update your ads dynamically with the content of a spreadsheet, for example, if you’re offering a discount for a limited time. With ad customizers you can easily optimize hundreds of ad groups and customize your ads, thereby keeping them as relevant as possible to your audience.

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