New AdWords Feature: Call-Only Campaigns

New AdWords Feature: Call-Only Campaigns

adwords-call-only-campaigns Google AdWords has introduced a new campaign type that some of you may have been waiting for: Call-only campaigns. This feature allows businesses to draw attention to their phone number, call button, and business description. If your goal is to encourage people to call your business, keep reading to learn more about Google’s new call-only campaigns.

1. Why Call-Only Campaigns?

Google argues that around 70% of people searching on Google on their mobile devices, call directly from search results. That being said, you can imagine that there is a huge potential for call-only campaigns to reach out to new customers. If you’re interested in raising the number of phone calls to your business, call-only might be the perfect ad type for you.

2. How Does It Work?

In contrast to standard campaigns, call-only campaigns are specifically designed for mobile devices that can make phone calls. This means that every paid click might be a phone call to your business. Additionally, you can adapt your bidding strategy to your CPA or ROAS goals for calls and thereby maximize the value of your incoming calls.

3. The Call To Action: Call Us

When writing your ad copy, keep in mind that call-only ads serve only one purpose – to encourage phone calls. Therefore, your call to action could look like this: “Speak to a specialist now”, “call to make an appointment”, or “call for a free estimate”. The beauty of this campaign type is that searchers don’t have to make a detour to your website in order to contact you. Your call to action should make exactly that obvious to your audience.

4. Easy Setup

You will appreciate that call-only campaigns don’t require a lot of effort to set them up. You simply choose “call-only” as your ad type in the ad creation process and that’s it. You successfully created your first call-only advertisement. And best of all, you can now use the call-only ad type instead of tweaking the call extension settings to create call-only ads.

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