Improve Your Customer Service With Twitter Direct Messages

Improve Your Customer Service With Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter has recently updated its messaging system to make it easier for customers to get in touch with your business. Learn how to use the improved Twitter direct messages feature to communicate with your clients directly.

1. How It Works

Previously only users who are following you were able to send you a direct message. With Twitter’s update, anyone can message you, whether the person is among your followers or not. In order to use the new feature, go to your security and privacy settings and switch it on manually by checking the box next to “receive direct messages from anyone”. Now anyone, follower or not, can send you customer service requests privately.

2. How To Use It

The nice part about Twitter direct messages is that users can send you their questions, problems, or feedback directly without having to follow you first. For example, a customer who isn’t satisfied with your product (and who therefore doesn’t want to follow you) can send you his/her feedback in a private message. On the other hand, someone who has a question about your product that he/she doesn’t want to ask publicly can write you directly and turn into a follower.

3. How To Get DMs

Since Twitter direct messages is a new feature and probably not yet familiar to anyone, it’s a good idea to invite customers to direct message you. For example, responding to a @reply with a phrase like “Please DM us your confirmation number (or whatever information is needed to solve the issue) and we will get back to you”. This way, other users see that you’re not ignoring requests and that they can contact you directly and in private.

Twitter direct messages makes it easy for users to get in touch with you, which is a great chance to improve your customer service and potentially boost your sales. However, only time will tell if Twitter users take advantage of this new feature or not. Either way, you might want to check your inbox a little more frequently after switching on Twitter direct messages.

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