The 5 Reasons Your Business Needs PPC Advertising

The 5 Reasons Your Business Needs PPC Advertising

Many people incorrectly assume that PPC is ineffective or that it simply isn’t right for their business. This view is usually the result of a poorly structured campaign that leads to less than favorable results.

While PPC does require planning and management to develop a successful strategy, the truth is that any business can benefit from incorporating PPC into their marketing toolkit. Here are the top 5 things an expert Google Adwords consultant will consider, to make your PPC campaigns effective:

1. A Well-Designed PPC Campaign Is Highly Targeted

The success of a PPC campaign will ultimately depend on the strength of the underlying strategy. Targeted keywords don’t just need to be relevant to the product or service being offered, they should also indicate purchasing intent on behalf of the person performing the search.

Purchasing intent is important because it drastically increases the odds that a click yields the desired result. It’s not just enough to get someone to click your ad, you also need to convert that visitor into a paying customer. A highly targeted PPC campaign is extremely effective in doing this.

2. PPC Campaigns Are Quickly Implemented and Easily Measured

While search marketing techniques such as SEO can take weeks or months to show results, PPC campaigns will go into effect within hours or days of launch. Better yet, you’ll be able to track in-depth statistics about the success of your strategy, allowing you to make adjustments on a continuous basis in order to optimize the performance of your ads.

This means that an ineffective PPC campaign can be canceled before it costs you any notable sum of money, but you’ll also be able to invest more money into profitable campaigns so that you can maximize their impact. This makes PPC one of the most efficient forms of search marketing available.

3. Your Traffic Will be Predictable

Traffic and conversions gained from PPC advertising tend to be one of the most reliable forms available on the internet. While social and organic search traffic can be highly seasonal, PPC campaigns can easily be adjusted to drive steady visitors to your website. In this way, PPC traffic can be used as a reliable hedge against the uncertainty other traffic sources may inevitable entail.

4. PPC Ads Have Been Shown To Increase Brand Awareness

As it turns out, PPC ads are useful even when they are not clicked. This is because they help drive brand awareness, which increases the odds that ad viewers will turn to your business when they eventually do need the product or service that you offer.

This makes targeting your campaigns towards individuals with a high degree of purchasing intent that much more important. Getting your name in front of individuals who are doing research for a future purchase may end up paying off, even if you don’t have to pay for their initial click! A professional and well designed ad is important for this benefit to be realized.

5. Data Gained From PPC Campaigns Can Improve Other Marketing Efforts

Even if PPC is not your top priority, the ample amount of data available from PPC campaigns can actually help you improve the results of other marketing techniques that you utilize. By using highly targeted campaigns, you will be able to see what groups of people respond best to your products. You will even get insight regarding what type of language works best with your target audience. This type of data can in turn be used to drastically improve the success of all other marketing efforts.

If you have given up on PPC advertising, these 5 points should make you reconsider your outlook. Remember that a successful campaign requires a detailed strategy, and your efforts should always be monitored to ensure they are earning you money and not wasting it. Anyone who takes the time to do this right will see that PPC is here to stay, and your business will benefit from incorporating it into your marketing toolkit.

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