Using Content Marketing and PPC for Faster Brand Awareness

Using Content Marketing and PPC for Faster Brand Awareness

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Content marketing is undoubtedly fast-becoming the online marketing method of choice for many brands and businesses. In fact, in a 2016 B2B content marketing report by CMI and MarketingProfs, 88 percent of B2B marketers said that they are using this strategy in their organization. This presents the large number of digital experts who believe in the power of content in attracting traffic and getting leads.

However, there’s another school of marketers who are confident in the power of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing to gain an edge on the Web. After all, PPC is still one of the fastest and most cost-effective methods to spread brand awareness. For small or new businesses, pay per click advertising is cheaper and does the job pretty well.

But have you ever thought about combining both to maximize the benefits?

Why Use Content Marketing and PPC Together?

When done well, content marketing and PPC can drive the right traffic to your website, retain people’s attention, and allow you to nurture those leads into eventual sales. But it needs to be carefully planned and executed. If you’re still unsure whether to run both campaigns for your business, here are three reasons why it could be the best idea you’ve ever had:

1. Establish strong online presence with less effort. Some strategies like SEO and social media can be time-consuming. When it comes to promoting brand awareness, time is crucial. You want people to know about your business as soon as possible. Running both campaigns can help you claim a strong online presence while running against the clock.

2. Pull in two different audiences. People who click on ads are usually not ready to buy, and those who are pulled in by content have no idea what you’re selling. So why not satisfy both types of audiences? Let ads attract ready buyers from search; then use content to convince potential customers coming in from PPC.

3. Twice the benefits for every aspect of the campaign. PPC is great for quick, short-term marketing because it’s not labor or cost intensive. Content on the other hand, works well as a long-term strategy because it’s more value-oriented.

If you’re a small or medium business, promoting brand awareness in an overly competitive industry can sometimes feel daunting. So make the most of your efforts. Try combining your PPC program with content marketing and see what it can do for your business.

Not sure where to begin? Check out these five tips to get started.

5 Tips For Using Content Marketing and PPC

1. Group keywords accordingly. Make sure NOT to skip keyword research! This technique does two things: first, the keywords can help you generate engaging content for your campaign; and second, you’ll be able to know which set of terms to prioritize.

2. Create attention-grabbing headlines. This will benefit both your content marketing and PPC programs because people tend to focus more on titles. Once you have them hooked with a great headline, keep them with content. Don’t forget to use appropriate keywords from your research to boost traffic from organic search.

3. Be strategic about CTA on landing pages. Ensure that your landing pages are optimized and contain clear calls to action. The last thing you want is losing potential sales because they didn’t see the CTA. This brings us to the next point of…

4. Conduct A/B testing. In order to determine which ads or content have the most impact on your target audiences, perform A/B testing. This should help you understand the most favorable aspects to keep for your campaign, while continuously improving parts of your program.

5. Don’t forget mobile. The number of consumers on mobile is growing daily. You want to be visible to the millions of users who are on their phones or tablets every day. Do this by ensuring that your ads and content are mobile-friendly. Check that your website also features a responsive design, for easy access across any platform.

Interested in running a content marketing and PPC campaign? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts. Investing in professional knowledge and experience is one of the best things you could do for your business. Start promoting awareness for your brand today using the latest techniques in digital marketing.

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