How To Make Your YouTube Channel More Popular

How To Make Your YouTube Channel More Popular

YouTube is a great platform to promote your business in an entertaining way. However, the best videos on the planet are useless if users can’t find them. Make it easy for people to become aware of your clips and grow your YouTube channel traffic with the following top three best practices.

1. Channel Optimization

The first step to increasing the number of visitors to your YouTube channel is to give it a proper name. Take your time and think about a suitable title. Make sure your channel name is short but still tells visitors what your channel is all about. After choosing a short title, add a description that includes your most relevant keywords. The next step is to upload a photo and to complete your profile. In order for your customers to find out about your channel, embed a YouTube link in your website. Now it’s important to keep your channel alive by uploading new videos on a regular basis.

2. Video Sharing

Embedding a YouTube link on your website is only the beginning. Share your videos on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and your blog. Twitter, for example, has an auto-publish function for videos that you can use by connecting your YouTube and your Twitter account. If you prefer to tweet your videos instead of using auto-publish, make sure to add entertaining, interesting or funny comments. Bottom line, share your videos where your fans are.

3. Content Experiment

Now that your channel is set up properly and you know where to share your videos, think about the content of your clips. A good way to find out what your fans like and what not is to experiment. Post different types of clips and see what people click on, comment on, and share. For example, you could create one video in which you interview an expert in your industry, one how-to video, one question-answer video, and one behind-the-scenes video. After the testing period, you will know what your viewers are most interested in and what kind of content to focus on.

Getting people to subscribe to your YouTube channel may seem like a daunting task. However, by following the best practices described above you can pave the way for a lively YouTube channel and a growing number of subscribers.

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