When Do Google Adwords Consultants Add New Keywords

When Do Google Adwords Consultants Add New Keywords

When Do Google Adwords Consultants Add New Keywords?

You’ve created your Google Adwords campaigns, they have the perfect structure, and you are satisfied with their performance. A few weeks go by and you start digging through the search terms report. At first, most search terms are covered by your keywords, but then you notice that many aren’t. An expert Google Adwords consultant will have a strategy on what to do with these terms. If you are new to Google Adwords, you may be unsure of how to address this. Every Google Adwords Management Service handles this differently, but I will run through a few basic principles.

How A Google Adwords Management Service handles adding new terms.

No account structure will be perfect from the start. You or any Google Adwords Management service will not be able to cover every possible search term. So the situation will come up when you want to add new keywords to the campaign. The question becomes how and when to do this.

When to add new search terms?

  1. If a search term converts at a particularly high rate.

Ideally, every search term that has converted is added somewhere in your account. Many Google Adwords consultants have tools or software to help with this. For small to mid-sized accounts, it is possible to do it manually.

If a particular search term is converting multiple times, add it to your campaign as an exact match. This will give you full control over the term and allow you to bid on it accordingly. Even if you are using manual bidding, adding these terms to your campaigns will further signal to Google that these search terms need to be prioritized

  1. If a search term if relevant with a high volume of traffic

Beyond adding every converted term to the account, you need to cover the high volume terms. This situation is particularly relevant if your conversion tracking isn’t 100% accurate. This can still occur in accounts with accurate conversion tracking too.

If a relevant search term shows up consistently and a high volume, it should be covered in your account. By adding this term in, you will gain control of the term. Then you can bid it down accordingly to a level that makes sense for your business goals. Without this, other keywords will match to this search term.

Once you have these two situations covered, your campaigns should cover most of the relevant terms. Make sure to monitor your search terms report and repeat this process continually. This type of legwork is where a Google Adwords Management service will add its value. Even longstanding campaigns will have new and unexpected queries and if ignored, can leave money on the table.

Another advantage of using a Google Adwords consultant is the creation of the initial structure. An experienced manager will set up your campaigns in a way that allows them to grow. This way, you scale the campaigns as your business grows. Although this isn’t impossible to do independently, having an experienced person in your corner puts you at a distinct advantage.

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