How Do You Get B2B Traffic Vs Consumer Traffic

How Do You Get B2B Traffic Vs Consumer Traffic

How Do You Get B2B Traffic Vs Consumer Traffic

A common problem many businesses face is figuring out how to attract more companies to their site, while filtering out individual consumer traffic. As a Google Adwords consultant, I’ve had many clients that run into this issue. One initial consideration is whether you can serve individuals or whether you only work for other businesses. There are many instances where companies ideally want B2B traffic, but they can still fulfill B2C. If you can serve both, you have more opportunities to make Google Adwords work for you.

Step 1: Choose The Right Keywords

There are a lot of ways you can set up your account to go after B2B traffic. One important tactic is to go after keywords that indicate a business is searching. For example, someone who does refrigerator repair for restaurants and other businesses might be worried about wasting a ton of money on individuals trying to fix their fridge. However, an easy way to solve this is to have keywords that contain the word “commercial” in them. So, instead of just having “refrigerator repair,” have “commercial refrigerator repair.” These searchers are going to be exclusively businesses and the search volume is often higher than you think.

Depending on your location, you might be able to get sufficient traffic just from bidding on these “commercial” centered keywords. Of course this is also a great opportunity if you serve both commercial and residential customers. Then you can have the regular “refrigerator repair” keywords in with no worries. Regardless of who the searcher is, you can take care of them!

If the commercial keywords lead to a better ROI, you can bid those keywords higher while leaving the more general terms at lower bids. An expert Google Ads consultant will tell you it’s a fundamental practice to always pay what a keyword is worth.

Step 2: Qualify In Your Ads

Regardless of whether you can qualify traffic through keywords or not, it’s crucial that you qualify your traffic using your ads. In the case of the refrigerator repair company, you want to make sure the word “commercial” is in your headline! Especially if you only work with businesses and you’re going after the general keywords, you need a way to tell people what you do. If your headline says “#1 Commercial Refrigerator Repair,” many people won’t click your ad because they know their job isn’t a commercial one. This will lower your click-through-rate, and potentially your quality score as well. However, it’s better to have a lower CTR than it is to pay for clicks that will never convert.

There are of course other words that qualify you for B2B traffic. You can have the text “For Businesses” at the end of your headline. You have a lot of options here, and the right verbiage will depend on your business. A good Google Adwords management company will know the best way to qualify your ads.

Another way to qualify your ads is by including a price. If you sell enterprise software that starts at two thousand dollars, you should have the price in a headline, as well as the “Enterprise” clarification. If someone’s looking for some free service and they see your headline advertising “Monthly Rates Start At $2000,” they will not click on your ad.

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