A Google Adwords Consultant’s Recommendation

A Google Adwords Consultant’s Recommendation

A Google Adwords Consultant’s Recommendation To Small Business Owners

Google Adwords can be a successful endeavor for many different kinds of small businesses. What Google Adwords isn’t, is a magic switch that will definitely make you money when you first start running ads. Google Adwords is complicated. That’s why there are professionals dedicated to mastering Google Adwords. If Google Adwords was simple, businesses wouldn’t spend money on outside Google Adwords management companies. However that’s exactly what most companies who are successful on Adwords do. There are also a lot of companies who hire someone to manage their Adwords in house. An employee dedicated just to Google Adwords! Many businesses are capable of making money using Google Adwords, but many end up losing a ton of money because they don’t know what they’re doing.

Too often we see people try and set up a campaign using Google’s default recommendations, only to end up spending hundreds of dollars on irrelevant traffic. There are a lot of mistakes a Google Adwords consultant would know to avoid, but an average person just doesn’t have the knowledge to enact. For example, many people set up campaigns with pure broad keywords. These keywords then go and match to anything loosely related to the term. For example, you could bid on “honeymoon tours in finland”, and then get matched to “nice hotels in paris”. Both terms indicate the intent to travel to Europe, but if you’re only selling tours in Finland, that Paris traffic is a complete waste of your money! In order to catch and fix this, you have to be actively checking your search terms, and also know how to use negative keywords properly. But that’s only one example of how an Adwords campaign setup by a novice can go awry.

Google also has a lot of default settings that can really hurt advertisers. They claim they’re enabled by default to help with exposure and growth, but usually they just end up resulting in waste. One example of this is the default location settings of campaigns. Even if you go in and set your campaign to a specific location, people outside of that location might still see your ads! This happens because the default option includes people in your location, and people interested in your location. The intention is sound in some cases. For example, I’ve seen a search along the lines of “plumbers in san diego” match as an interested location. This could be good in theory. Maybe this person lives just outside my range, but is looking for a plumber for his business in San Diego? That was not the case, and this search term came from India. Why was someone in India looking for a plumber in San Diego? And it wasn’t just one search, I saw this happened multiple times. Of course these clicks came with no phone calls, only an inflated bill.

How To Set Your Business Up For Success With Google Adwords

If you’re thinking about starting up Google Adwords, and you know nothing about it, don’t just set something up by yourself and hope for the best. Contact a Google Adwords management company for assistance. Many companies offer account setups so that you can at least be sure that your campaigns are fundamentally sound. If they sound good, you can let them manage your Ads for a while and see if it makes sense. There are a lot of Google Adwords consultants who offer month to month services with no long commitment. You take the rest of your business seriously. Don’t settle for anything less with your marketing.

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