How PPC Consultants Scale Google Adwords Campaigns

How PPC Consultants Scale Google Adwords Campaigns

How PPC Consultants Scale Google Adwords Campaigns

At first, when you created your Google Adwords campaign, you might have tested out the water slowly. Then, you started to evaluate if Google Adwords makes sense for your business. This is how we recommend most business owners start. Begin with small daily campaign budgets and hit that budget, then slowly bring the spend up. But now, you are seeing results and want to scale the campaign and capture more traffic. So, how do you increase the volume of traffic while keeping the lead quality high?

Scaling your campaigns can be tricky as a greater volume of traffic increases the chances for low-quality traffic and amplifies mistakes. The best option is to have a Google Adwords management service review your campaigns, especially if they have worked in your industry before. They will be familiar with the traffic volume and what is possible. Beyond this, I hope this article is the next best resource.

PPC Consultant’s Tips for Scaling Your Accounts or Campaigns

  1. Expand to new Channels

If your Google Adwords campaign performs well, make sure to import this and add it to Bing Ads. Bing Ads targets search traffic and can be imported from Google quite easily. This is a quick way to capture more market share and traffic that you would not capture on Google. Since your keywords and targeting will be similar, the traffic may behave the same or better. We have additional articles reviewing Bings Ads’ perks and will not go into too much more here. But every top-performing Google Adwords management service should also test out Bing Ads.

  1. Increase your Bids

If your campaigns are working and have a great ROI, make sure to capture as much traffic as possible. This means reviewing your Absolute Top Impression Share and Top Impression Share metrics. These metrics measure how often you show up in the absolute top position or above the organic ranking (formerly, this was ad position). Continue to increase your bids until you show above 90% for these metrics. Or push until the ROI for the keyword, ad group, or campaign no longer makes sense. It’s tough to reach 100% absolute top on keywords with high volume, but anything less than 90, and there is still room to push. If you are using automated bidding, then adjust your setting to give Google more leeway with each campaign.

  1. Review your search terms and add negative keywords

With the push for traffic, there must be a defense against unwanted search terms or users. Review your search terms list and make sure there are no irrelevant queries. As you push for more, this will only become amplified. You can also add in related irrelevant quires to prevent future clicks. Then you can use Google’s Keyword Planner or your own Google search research to find more negative keywords.

These are just the basics when it comes to scaling and account. Every industry, accounts, and campaign will be slightly different. But every PPC consultant or Google Adwords management service will follow these steps in some form to grow an account.

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