What Is a Google AdWords Consultant?

What Is a Google AdWords Consultant?

An expert Google Adwords consultant is someone who can make Google Adwords more profitable for your business!

Google Adwords is very complicated, and to the average person who doesn’t work with it full time, getting the most out of your campaigns can be a daunting task. An expert Google Adwords consultant knows the ins and outs of Google Adwords, and all the different ways to optimize your ads to increase profit.

An Expert Google Adwords consultant starts with a sound structured setup that’s built to scale. A poor setup is one of the easiest ways to waste money, but hiring a Google Adwords management company to set up your Ads can save you big time. A good setup in Adwords will allow for easier and more intuitive management of your Ads. It will make it faster and easier to identify what’s working, and what’s not, so that you can have your Google Adwords profitable as soon as possible.

A true expert at Google Adwords will be able to properly handle all types of campaigns, not just search. They should be able to set up strong Shopping and Display campaigns. If you’re an ecommerce company and your “expert” freelancer or agency doesn’t even want to try shopping campaigns, you’re probably not dealing with a real expert consultant.

A good Google Adwords consultant should be constantly optimizing the keywords, adjusting bids & bid strategies, and testing out new Ad copy. These are all key components in running a successful Google Adwords account.

When To Hire A Google Adwords Management Company?

For many small businesses, managing your own ads takes too much time, and due to a lack of expertise, often results in poor performance. On the other side of the spectrum, hiring a dedicated Adwords specialist can be way too expensive. Especially when you don’t know how Google Adwords will perform for your business. A happy medium is hiring an outside Google Adwords management company.

Google Adwords management companies can be found for a variety of prices, and also with a variety of different services. Some companies will manage Google Adwords, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads all for one price. Some companies might offer SEO or landing page design in their costs, or as an option for an additional charge. The old adage “you get what you paid for” often applies to Google Adwords management companies. While you can definitely find great service at a low price, and poor service at a high price, more often than not you will receive better service if you’re willing to pay more. The goal is to make sure that even with a company’s management fee, you are making more money with Adwords than you were previously.

Most Google Adwords Management companies offer 100% free consultations. Even if it’s not a good match, many consultants will give you a few free pointers to help you get moving in the right direction. Find someone with good reviews and reach out today to see how they can use Google Adwords to take your business to the next level.

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