Google AdWords Is Still Alive and It’s Bigger Than Ever

Google AdWords Is Still Alive and It’s Bigger Than Ever

Google Adwords is still alive and it’s bigger than ever. I won’t say it’s better than ever, as there are many developments that have occurred that have made Google Adwords trickier for advertisers.

There are over 3.5 billion searches on Google in a single day (based off of 2019 data). Google makes the majority of its revenue from Google Adwords. Revenue dipped during Q2 of 2020, likely due to the pandemic, but they bounced back strong in Q3. Google Adwords revenue has continued to increase with each passing year, a strong sign that many businesses are continuing to invest in advertising on Google.

Why Is Google’s Ad Revenue Increasing? A Google Adwords Consultant’s Perspective

Google Adwords is driving more revenue for the simple reason that more businesses are seeing success from running ads on their platform. Google dominates the search engine market, and in the age of smartphones, more people than ever are searching on their phone. Consumer habits have also changed throughout the years, and more people feel comfortable making purchases both small and large using their phone.

Many people also don’t realize that under the umbrella of Google Adwords is the social media giant that is Youtube. Youtube was responsible for over $5 billion in Ad revenue in Google’s most recent quarterly data. With strong video content, Youtube is another great way to gain exposure and grow your business. As a platform, Youtube continues to grow and currently around 2 billion people use Youtube each month. That’s a massive audience with huge potential for many businesses.

The Most Important Reason

Google Adwords can be a profitable endeavor for many businesses. Ultimately, you don’t use an online ad platform to be cool, you use it to make money. Billions are being spent on Google Adwords because these companies make money using it. From a neighborhood plumber to luxury jewelry companies, businesses are having success with Google Adwords. Many companies decide to have their Ads run by a Google Adwords management service company, see the Ads driving profit, and they keep on going.

The Negatives

As a Google Adwords consultant, I’ve seen Google making things more difficult as of late. In the last year, we’ve seen more and more “variants” show up in the search terms. Exact match no longer means exact match, and I’ve seen a ton of waste because of Google’s close enough matching technique. This means that monitoring search terms and adding in negatives is more important than ever now.

On top of this challenge, Google stopped showing all search terms that resulted in clicks in September. Often, we look at keywords to see what they’re matching to and 50% of the spend is unavailable for us to view.

Closing Thoughts

Google Adwords is far from dead. Companies are spending more than ever, and many are seeing good success on the platform. Google has made some changes that make managing an account trickier, and competition is also at an all time high. That’s why it’s more important now than ever before to have a very good Google Adwords management company running your campaign.

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