Ecommerce Tips From an Expert PPC Consultant

Ecommerce Tips From an Expert PPC Consultant

Google AdWords for Ecommerce – Tips From an Expert PPC Consultant

With the rise of Facebook, Instagram and even Tik Tok ads, Google Adwords is no longer the only option to advertise online. With more and more DTC Ecommerce companies popping up each day, Facebook seems to be more crowded than ever with eCommerce ads. And adding to this, Facebook is getting stricter and stricter, banning more accounts by the day. With this, many eCommerce website owners are looking to Google Adwords once again.

Google Adwords has slightly more of a learning curve than Facebook leaving many business owners confused. As an expert PPC consultant, I will go over some tips and tricks for running Ecommerce campaigns on Google Adwords.

Google AdWords Ecommerce Techniques used by Top Google Adwords Management Agencies

  1. Brand Campaigns

This applies to every business, but is particularly important for eCommerce brands. For those unfamiliar, Brand campaigns are simply creating keywords based around your company name and bidding on these. Since competition with Ecommerce can often be fierce, between straight knockoffs and real competitors, it’s essential to capture all your brand traffic. Without a Brand campaign, competitors can bid on your brand term and steal your market share.

  1. Set up accurate conversion tracking.

Again, this is essential for all businesses, but becomes particularly important with eCommerce companies. It is more complicated with revenue tracking, but most sites will do fine with installing Google Analytics and enabling Enhanced Ecommerce. Once this is ready, you can import your conversions into Google Adwords. Accurate conversion tracking will allow you to get precise ROI numbers from your campaigns.

If you use automated or smart bidding, Google can optimize your revenue goals. There are many different smart bidding options, so if you are unfamiliar, try to ask a PPC consultant for guidance.

  1. Shopping Campaigns

These are essential for any business that sells physical products. Shopping campaigns allow you to show product ads that feature the images and descriptions of your products. Since shopping is a little more intricate than search, these can be harder to setup. There are even Google Adwords Management agencies that focus strictly on shopping campaigns.

One of the more in-depth features of shopping campaigns is the creation of the product feed. Creating this manually can be quite an ordeal, but luckily most modern website builders have apps or plugins that can do this automatically. Once you have your feed ready to go, you can start a Smart Shopping campaign quite quickly. It’s possible that this is all you’ll need, as Smart Shopping Campaigns can be very useful.

  1. Display Remarketing or Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns

Google allows you to sync your display campaigns with your product feed, allowing for dynamic display ads. You can leverage this to show only to users who have created particulate products and only show them those ads. This is commonly referred to as Dynamic remarketing and can be a compelling way to grab the user’s attention using display ads.


Now, this is far from a comprehensive list of strategies used for eCommerce campaigns. But as a Google Ads PPC consultant, these campaigns are what I find myself returning to with all eCommerce clients. Hopefully, this is more than enough to get you started on your own Adwords eCommerce journey.

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