At What Point Should You Hire A Google AdWords Management Company

At What Point Should You Hire A Google AdWords Management Company


When Is a Good Time To Look Into Hiring A Google Adwords Consultant?

It is never too early to reach out to a Google Adwords Consultant. As a business owner, the potential to increase the profitability of your business is always something to consider. You won’t know how a specialized Adwords Consultant can help you until you reach out and ask them.

When we do free consultations, we often spot a ton of waste right away. It’s not uncommon to see accounts wasting nearly half their budget on search terms that aren’t relevant to their business. In these cases, a good Adwords management company can eliminate wasted spend and make your Google Adwords a profitable endeavor.

Even if you haven’t started with Google Adwords yet, it’s still worth reaching out to an expert Adwords Consultant before trying anything yourself. Many Google Adwords consultants are happy to give away free pointers. These free tips help new advertisers move in the right direction and can also serve as the start of a new professional relationship built on trust.

How Do I Know I Should Hire A Google Adwords Consultant?

Once you finally pull the trigger on contacting a Google Adwords Consultant, you may be wondering how to decide whether you should hire them or not. This can be a tough decision, and a decision that often takes companies a few tries to get right.

The most obvious consideration is of course your budget. If you’re only looking to spend a few hundred dollars in Ads a month, it’s going to be very tough to make it work with someone charging $1,000 dollars or more. With this said, it’s important to remember the old saying “You Get What You Pay For.” That rings true in the PPC industry as much as it does anywhere else. Many companies offer plans for under $500, but on average, they won’t look at your account nearly as often as other more expensive agencies. If you’re a small budget account, it might still be worth trying out a more premium Adwords services company. A good setup is fundamental to any account’s success, and a bad setup can waste more money than the agency would have charged for a better setup.

Another important factor is how the agency comes off during your consultation and whether you think it’s a good fit. If you already have Google Ads running, an expert Google Adwords Consultant will be able to show you multiple ways how they will improve your account. If they can’t show you any actionable changes, you have every right to be skeptical that they know what they’re doing. There are many agencies that do a poor job, and after the sales call it becomes painfully obvious that they don’t actually care about your business. For any agency you’re considering, check out as many reviews as you can find about them! If you know other people who have their Google Adwords managed by an agency, ask them how they like their agency. The more feedback you can get, the better.

Don’t waste any more time. Reach out to a Google Adwords Consultant today! Worst case scenario, you’re in the same spot you are now, and the best case is that you make a strong relationship that will help grow your business!

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