The Secret to Twitter Success

  Twitter is a very misunderstood platform, but there is tremendous value available for any business that uses the site correctly. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you spend your time focused on the commonly shared tips for growing your twitter audience, you’ll be sorely disappointed in the results. The real secret to […]

SEO Checklist: The Quickstart Guide for New Websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an extremely important component of website management, and this is as true for a bootstrapped startup as it is for a multimillion dollar business. Many people put hours and hours into building an attractive website that has good content, yet are frustrated when they fail to rank on Google after […]

How to Set Up a New Client for Google AdWords?

A common question: do clients need to give permission to advertise their site? The basic answer is no; However, there is a bigger picture that is important to understand. Let’s walk through the basic two steps of setting up a new client for Google AdWords: AGREEMENT Sometimes consultants getting starting say their agreement verbally or […]

What Do Great PPC Managers Do First Thing In the Morning?

What do successful people do first thing in the morning? Most may answer generic things like “do yoga,” “go for a run” or “eat a big, healthy breakfast”; but, when it comes to PPC Managers, we want to know the technicalities of what they do to make their job great. Before we dive into what […]

The 6 Most Important Social Networking Sites for Businesses

Social networking sites are responsible for over 30% of all referral traffic on the internet, and there is no reason to expect that number to fall anytime soon. Your business needs an effective outreach strategy if you want to be successful, and this begins with determining which social media platforms to target. This list contains the […]

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