Google Ads Role in Digital Marketing

Google Ads Role in Digital Marketing

What is Google Ads/AdWords in Digital Marketing? 


Every year, the digital landscape expands, with more and more magazines, stores and businesses focusing on the digital aspects of their company. The field of marketing is no exception, which means it is more crucial than ever for businesses to hone in on their digital marketing skills. 

Digital marketing is essentially the same process as traditional marketing, except it is, well, entirely digital. First off, digital marketing involves creating an online presence and promoting your business on the internet. This is done by utilizing social media, search engines, emails and other digital channels. 

The digital channels you use for your ads are important because they determine where your audience will see the advertisement. Traffic and views on your website can come from organic search. Or traffic comes from advertisements placed on channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Google.

What exactly is Google AdWords 

This brings us to the importance of Google AdWords. In 2018, the name was changed to Google Ads, with the intention of representing all of the media options for advertisements. Now, ads through Google Ads can be in a Video, Display or Search format. 

In short, Google Ads are the first links listed when you search for anything on Google. It is owned by Google and used by businesses to rank higher in the search results. 

How do Google Ads work 

Put simply, advertisers place their ads on Google by bidding on keywords. They use a Pay Per Click model (PPC) to appear at the top of the Google search results.  

The PPC process involves paying a small amount for every click you receive on your advertisement. PPC creates a profit because your website receives more visits, resulting in more customers, since your website is now at the top of your audience’s Google search results.  

The ins and outs of Google AdWords can be tricky for a newbie, which is why finding a Google AdWords Consultant can help your business optimize campaigns, keywords and advertisements. With a Google AdWords Management Agency’s help, you can receive the best return on investment for your marketing and advertising. 

Why you should use Google Ads 

Google Ads allow you to grow a small business, even with a small budget. Your business can be listed at the top of Google search results, resulting in more traffic to your website and new customers.  

It also gives you the opportunity to test keywords and see which work best for your business. Discovering which keywords or campaigns work best to target a variety of audiences can take a lot of work and time, which is why teaming up with a Google AdWords consultant or agency is valuable. 


The internet may appear to be a confusing and infinite space of information, which can cause uncertainty when attempting to successfully put out digital ads. While there are many forms of digital marketing, Google Ads continues to be the best option.  

With the help of a professional Google AdWords Consultant, the boundary between learning how to utilize Google Ads and successful digital marketing can be eliminated. Choosing a good quality AdWords Management Agency will allow you to start your advertising campaign quickly and receive the best results.  

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