How to Pick and Work With a Google Adwords Management Company

How to Pick and Work With a Google Adwords Management Company


How to Pick and Work With a Google Adwords Management Company


Googling “Google AdWords management agencies” or similar search terms throws up hundreds of thousands of results around the world. While choice and competition leads to no shortage of options, the quality and experience of those results can vary considerably.


Because of this, if you have made the decision to start some Google AdWords campaigns for your company, it is worth spending some time to ensure you choose the right partner. Doing so will give you the best chance possible to get the most from your marketing budget, and generate the best quality of leads you can.

Choosing Your AdWords Management Company

The best bet is to shortlist some options, and then speak with them and qualify them in the same way that you would a regular employee.

Once you have made your choice, it is then important to invest some time with your chosen agency to clue them up on your business offerings and get them under the skin of your products and services. This will help them understand what your customers are looking to solve and achieve, and enable them to optimize your campaigns accordingly.


Go for a specialist, not an all-rounder

Also, be sure that your chosen agency has particular skills in Google AdWords. This may sound obvious, but digital marketing is a broad term and because of the fine details involved with getting AdWords campaigns right, they can be a tricky job for generalist marketers.

This is not because all-round marketing professional lack any expertise or knowledge, but true AdWords specialists will ensure that they are fully up to speed with any changes in Google’s AdWords management platform. They will also regularly read up on optimization best practices, look what others in the industry are doing, and follow the latest updates from Google directly.

To carry out your due diligence on this, ensure that you look for agencies or consultants with Google accreditations and a solid base of customers and public testimonials about their work.


Break down the costs

Understanding exactly what you are paying is an important part of any contract negotiation. But with Google AdWords campaign management, it is an especially important part.

Make sure you fully understand exactly how much of your monthly budget will actually go into Ads, and how much will cover the agency’s commission. While you need to keep your agency incentivized to work to the best of their ability on your campaigns, you also need to ensure that they are putting the right proportion of your budget into the actual campaigns as well.


Give it some time

Some business owners make the mistake of expecting instant leads to flow in from their AdWords once their new agency is on board.

While it is good to be driven and results-orientated, it is also vital to let your Google AdWords agency have the right amount of time to iron out the wrinkles and get your campaigns set up in the most effective way. Doing so will make sure your agency do not feel pressured into rushing, and in doing so perhaps cutting some corners or missing important keywords for example.

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