Google Chrome’s Autocomplete Attribute

Google Chrome’s Autocomplete Attribute

Google Chrome’s Autocomplete Attribute


Google has now introduced a new and handy feature that will make filling in forms on mobile devices faster and easier: the Google Chrome Autocomplete Attribute. This feature allows web developers to mark data fields with common information like ‘name’, ‘address’, and ‘email’. Learn why you should use autocomplete.


Many websites, particularly ecommerce sites, require customers to fill in forms to complete a purchase or to sign up for a newsletter. For the person filling in the form this process is a nuisance. Therefore, shopping carts frequently get abandoned before the transaction is being completed. Google Chrome’s autocomplete attribute could rectify this situation.


Enabling autocomplete means that each data box (e. g. name, address, email) will be marked with the information that is supposed to be entered in the corresponding field. Let’s say a user clicks on the email gap on its smartphone, this tells autocomplete to insert the person’s email address.


Not only does autocomplete speed up filling in forms, it also makes the process a lot easier and less tedious for the user. If you are an ecommerce store, you should definitely consider activating autocomplete, since it has increased the number of completed transactions for various websites, according to Google.


It is important to know that Google doesn’t do this for you automatically, you will have to mark your forms with the autocomplete feature in order to activate it.


Here are some reasons why you should start using autocomplete:

  • Makes filling in forms on mobile devices faster and easier
  • Makes mobile websites more user-friendly
  • Reduces the risk of typing in erroneous information
  • Increases the rate of completed transactions
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