Why is My AdWords Campaign Not Reaching its Daily Budget?

Why is My AdWords Campaign Not Reaching its Daily Budget?

Why is My AdWords Campaign Not Reaching its Daily Budget? 

By the looks of it, not spending your AdWords campaign’s daily budget doesn’t seem like a big issue. However, from an AdWords consultant’s point of view, it indicates that you are not achieving your advertising goals and losing out on potential business opportunities. Therefore, it is important to dig deeper and evaluate where the issue lies. 

Causes for Campaigns to Spend Less Than its Daily Budget

To determine the cause of low budget spends, you first need to consider whether your business is seasonal. One of the easiest ways to do that is by comparing month-on-month reports for your campaign. Look at the clicks and overall performance. If you clearly see a trend there (clear periods of a surge in volume followed by low spend periods), your business might be seasonal. Your low spend could be a result of this seasonality and hence lower clicks. However, if that is not the case, it can be either or both of these factors in the picture:

  1.     Your target market is limited:

Knowing who is in your audience, where they are, and what they are searching to reach you is excellent. However, extremely targeted audiences and an extreme focus on a small group of keywords will likely limit your audience. There might not be enough people (defined in your target audience) searching your keywords. This results in low search volumes and hence, a lower spend of your ads. 

Expand your audience by modifying demographic, device, or location targeting. You can analyze your search terms reports and identify potentially valuable keywords. Then, raise your bids on those. You can also try experimenting with match types of keywords. Using match types leniently can help you expand the scope of where your ads are shown. However, you should be careful while doing this. If not done properly, you might end up blowing up your budget.

It is also possible that your Google AdWords campaign is for a niche product or service with a very limited audience and a fairly high budget allocated to it. That might also make it seem like your AdWords campaign is not spending as much as it’s supposed to. In this case, it is best to revisit your budget allocation and modify it.

  1.     Your bids are too low:

Google serves ads based on two parameters your quality score and your bids. If your bids are too low, your ads might not be competitive enough during the auctions and result in not showing up at all. Therefore, bidding judiciously in PPC campaigns is imperative for your ads to do well in the auctions.

Make sure to look at your search impression share. It shows the percent of the time your ad received an impression out of all the times it was eligible. If search impression share is poor, it indicates you should consider increasing your bids and improving your ad copy to make them relevant enough for the searchers to click.

A Google Adwords Management Agency’s Recommendations to Fix Your Campaign Spend

As a Google Adwords Management Agency, we often come across campaigns with peculiar issues to address. In our experience as a Google Adwords management agency, we found that revisiting your budget, optimizing your bids, and expanding your target market are some of the ways you can improve your campaign spend. And remember that spending your campaign budget optimally is crucial for your business to leverage this channel properly. In case you need further assistance with your Adwords campaign, our Google Adwords Consultants at Yael Consulting would be happy to help.

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